My Zoya Guilty Pleasure 18K Gold Topcoat!!

March 31, 2014

Happy Mani-Monday my loves!!! What better way to chase away the blues than with some blingy decadence? And here is the ultimate treat: Zoya Guilty 18K Gold Topcoat!

Sure, we’ve all seen gold foil topcoats, but Zoya’s rendition is made from actual 18K gold! This was originally released for Holiday 2012 as part of a limited edition set comprising of a black, white, and gold polishes; and was soldout. However, it is now available singly, and I managed to pick it up at the recent BeautyAsia.

Zoya Guilty 18k topcoat swatch

If you remembered my previous complaints about YSL’s La Laque Couture 47 Feuille D’Or (reviewed here), Zoya Guilty is refreshingly different. The gold foils are smaller, and thinner, exactly the way gold foils are and should be. That makes it easier to maneuver, able to lie flat against the natural curvature of the nails instead of sticking out like YSL’s rendition was prone to.

Zoya Guilty 18k topcoat swatch

Zoya Guilty’s foils are finer and more organic than the chunky angular pieces in YSL Feuille D’Or, more elegant to my eyes. It is suspended in a clear jelly base, which gives a lovely gel-like finish to the nails (although I still prefer to go over with a shiny topcoat afterwards). The brush is a small round brush, which picks up less product, and is relatively easy to use. I first apply 1 coat over an existing color, then I dab on more gold foil on specific areas.

There is no more decadent way to dress up than by applying gold to your tips! What’s even better, is Zoya polishes are 5-free!  So load up to your heart’s content!  xoxo

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  1. D... says:

    What is the base color? It’s lovely, I am looking for on similar to Chanel’s miami peach.

  2. Lilian says:

    I love how you created pink and gold = unexpected!

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