YSL Top Secrets Color Correcting Primer, Eye Duo Smoker, Eye Gloss Smudger, The Shock Mascara, Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection

July 9, 2017

It has been awhile since I reviewed any YSL makeup, and it feels to me that the brand has recently renewed its efforts to better engage with its fans.  After what seems like a long hiatus, YSL is finally giving us new innovative products, rather than relying on fancy limited edition packaging to drive sales.  So, armed with a fistful of new releases, let’s delve back into the world of YSL!

YSL Top Secrets Color Correcting Primer, Eye Duo Smoker, Eye Gloss Smudger, The Shock Mascara, Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection

As there are there are quite a number of products here today, I will just share my very candid first impressions having tried them out just a couple of times, and then come back to update this post at a later point if my opinions have changed.  Let’s start with the base…

YSL Blanc pur Couture UV Protection

YSL Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection is the latest sunscreen from YSL, and it comes equipped with SPF50 / PA+++ protection.  I had forgotten how much I loved YSL sunscreens [see this one here], and was genuinely happy to be reunited with the family.  As part of YSL’s brightening skincare range, this Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection contains the brand’s signature Glycol Bright Complex and Tree Peony Extract to eradicate dark spots.  It not only shields the skin against UV rays, it also has anti-pollution effects to guard against pre-mature aging due to environmental stresses.  Designed as a multipurpose product, it hydrates the skin, preps and primes it for makeup.

There are 2 versions available in the US, the one shown here is the clear version that blends into the skin completely; and a tinted BB version which is not available in Singapore.  If memory serves me correctly, this YSL Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection feels a little heavier than the older Top Secrets UV Shield, but it feels more emollient and I have actually skipped my moisturizer when using this.  Nonetheless, it stays comfortable on my skin all day, and has a flattering satin finish.

YSL Top Secrets Color Correcting Primer

YSL Top Secrets Color Correcting Primer is an interesting product for me, because its packaging is very similar to the Instant Moisture Glow [reviewed here] which I loved, and the tinted formula reminded me of the Forever Light Creator CC Cream [here] which I disliked.  I was relieved to find the texture of this new Top Secrets Color Correcting Primer is lighter much better suited for layering under makeup.  There are 3 color tints – pink (shown above) brightens dull skin; apricot evens out skin tone; and lavender neutralises yellow/sallow tones.  As my skin is naturally pink-toned, I generally avoid piling on more pinks in my bases, but I was happy to see this pink color correcting primer from YSL blends seamlessly into my skin for an all-around brightening effect rather than turn me into a unicorn.  What is interesting is that this leaves a cool minty feeling on my skin that lasts for a good 15 minutes, keeping me cool throughout the makeup application process!

YSL Eye Duo Smoker

Moving onto eye makeup, YSL finally gets on the jumbo eye pencil wave with its Eye Duo Smoker.  There are 4 shades to choose from, and pictured above is Smoky Grey.  I generally love cream eyeshadows in a jumbo pencil format, and the latest rendition from YSL is no exception.  These feature a darker shade and a complementary lighter shade on opposite ends, both in the same lightweight, creamy (but not overly slippery) formula that allows the shades to be used either on their own or together for different day/night looks.

YSL Eye Duo Smoker Smokey Grey

YSL Eye Duo Smoker in Smoky Grey features a dark black in a smooth satin finish on 1 end; and a metallic silver on the other.  Both shades are intensely pigmented, yet easy to blend out without sheering out into nothingness.  They also have great staying power for a cream shadow, I did not experience any fading or fallouts throughout the day.  Due to my oily, hooded lids, I always wear an eye primer, so I did not notice any creasing with this Eye Duo Smoker.  The black is a nice darkening base for just about any eyeshadows, whilst the silver brings an instant pop to the inner corners.  I also tried patting the silver over the black all over my lids using a brush, and it created a beautiful shimmery smoky eye!!

YSL Eye Gloss Smudger

YSL Eye Gloss Smudger is one from the fashion runways, and offers a better product for the eyes than reaching for a lip gloss (which was what the backstage makeup artists were doing irl!).  It comes in a small squeeze tube with a slanted tip applicator, very similar to a lip balm.  The texture of the product is somewhat tacky like most lip glosses, though not exactly sticky.  I must admit, I do not get this product at all.  When applied over my eyeshadow, it smudged everything out into patchiness, and after a few blinks, turned the whole mix into muddy soup.  It does not set, and using a primer underneath did not help.  With a stretch of imagination, this Eye Gloss Smudger may be fun to play around with, mixed into some eye glitters or pigments, and then patted all over the lids.  But it is unlikely to be a daily staple even for the most avid makeupjunkie.

YSL The Shock Volumnizing Mascara

I am a huge fan of YSL’s mascaras, and was most excited to try out the new YSL The Shock Volumnizing Mascara.  The wand is completely revolutionary with its hourglass shape, and does not look like anything I’ve ever seen.  The bristles are fairly short and close to the center barrel, so you never have to worry about jabbing your eyeballs.  I did not think it would work, but wondrously, the longer bristles at the ends actually made it easier to reach the contours of my eyes and “grab” onto my teenie weenie pathetic lashes at the inner and outer corners.  There are 3 shades, and the one I have here is Asphalt Black, which is an inky jet black, exactly the way I like them.  YSL was not exaggerating with its claim that this is the most volumnizing mascara it has ever made, as a single coat made my lashes look thicker without clumping.  On the other hand, I found the shorter bristles were not able to elongate my lashes as much as my HG Volume Effect Faux Cils.  If you have naturally long but thin lashes, you will probably fall head over heels for The Shock.

YSL makeup look

Here is a simple makeup look featuring YSL Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection in the base, Eye Duo Smoker in Smoky Grey and The Shock Volumnizing Mascara on the eyes.  Here is a closer look at the eyes:

YSL Eye Duo Smoker Smokey Grey eye look

I had blended the black from Smoky Grey all over my lid, and then using a flat brush, patted some silver onto the middle of my lids.  Silver also on my inner corner, and finished with black liner and The Shock Volumnizing Mascara.

Have you tried any of today’s picks?  Please share your experiences!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


4 responses to “YSL Top Secrets Color Correcting Primer, Eye Duo Smoker, Eye Gloss Smudger, The Shock Mascara, Blanc Pur Couture UV Protection”

  1. Julie Nguyen says:

    Hi Linda. The color correcting primer looks great. A side from this post, I read your post on the Cle de peau limited edition eye and cheek coffret. Can you please let me know if the compact case is reusable? Can we put the new eyeshadow quad such as Satin Moon and blush in the compact? Thanks.

  2. Bellyhead says:

    Lovely review Linda. I love the looks of the black side of the eye duo smoker. It looks like it would make a great base for bringing out the intensity of colors and the stick form looks very handy. Hmmm on the eye gloss thing. I’ve used other similar products that give that runway shine, but it’s very much a editorial photo or runway look. They never last though they do look really great for a few minutes! 😀

    • silverkis says:

      Hahaha a few minutes!! Gosh, I guess only makeup artists will ever need something like that then. Yes, I’ve definitely been using the eye duo smoker as a darkening base!

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