Stay Flawless All Hours with YSL!

September 7, 2017

No matter how many foundations I test and review, I still get excited every time a new one crosses my path.  And of course, when YSL announced a new liquid foundation based on one of my favourite cushions [this!], I knew the stars are aligned.  The latest YSL All Hours Foundation is the best from the brand yet!

YSL All Hours Foundation & Concealer

YSL All Hours Foundation is the latest full coverage longwear makeup base from the brand.  It promises to be transfer-proof, and so resistant to sweat and wear that it requires no touch-ups for up to 24-hours.  I was a little confused initially, as both this and the Fusion Ink Foundation bore the same Encre de Peau label, and are marketed to be long-wearing.  To dispel any myths or misgivings you might have, I found this All Hours Foundation be to quite different.  From the convenient pump nozzle dispenser (versus the quill-tipped applicator), to the lightweight texture and skin-like finish, I find myself gravitating more towards the All Hours Foundation.

YSL All Hours Foundation swatch comparison against Fusion Ink

For my own curiosity, I swatched the YSL All Hours and Fusion Ink Foundations side-by-side to examine the different finish.  Though the lighting was not ideal, it appears that All Hours is more matte and sheerer than Fusion Ink.  YSL All Hours goes on beautifully with a fine, smooth texture that is easy to apply and blend.  It sets reasonably quickly, though still with more than adequate time for you to work.  I sometimes struggle with matte foundations, because I have inherently dehydrated skin that overcompensates with an oily t-zone combined with dry cheeks.  Thankfully, YSL All Hours floats over my pores, lines and flaky bits without emphasizing them; and miraculously does not get drier as the day progresses!  I found that it fares impressively well in keeping my t-zone from turning too shiny, although in this insane heat we have been experiencing lately, I can still do with a blot at the end of the day.

YSL All Hours Foundation swatch comparison of different undertones

What is really cool is that for the first time, we will be receiving the full 22-shade range in Singapore!  In addition to the usual “neutral”-toned shades, the YSL All Hours Foundation will also be available in cooler tones as denoted by “BR”, and warmer tones marked as “BD”.  Also, there will be much deeper shades in store… I did not swatch all 22-shades because of the dim lighting when I previewed these, but I did attempt my best for the 3 darkest shades that will hopefully give you a good sense.

YSL All Hours Foundation swatches of darkest shades

As is the current trend, YSL All Hours Foundation offers what I personally consider as medium-buildable coverage.  I actually much prefer this to the dated full, opaque coverage of past trends; as it creates a much more natural, genuine look.

YSL All Hours Foundation before after comparison**Please click on image to enlarge and zoom

For your reference, I wear YSL All Hours Foundation in shade B30.  In the comparison picture above, you can see how skin-like the finish is, and how well it conceals my dark circles and redness around my nose without caking or creasing.  Huge love!

YSL All Hours Foundation & Concealer

As excited as I am about the new foundation, I was even more thrilled to see the YSL All Hours Concealer.  Much as I enjoyed the famed Touche Éclat, I was never quite able to conceal my flaws perfectly with it.  The All Hours Concealer has many characteristics that I love, not least of which, it reminds me of this other one that has been on constant rotation for the past year.

YSL All Hours Concealer before after comparison**Please click on image to enlarge and zoom

In the comparison image above, I had applied YSL All Hours Concealer to my undereye, the red patch on my cheek, and around my nose.  Although admittedly, the YSL All Hours Foundation had already lightened most of my dark circles and the redness around my nose, there is still a minimal amount left, which is eradicated by the All Hours Concealer.  I found the liquid texture to be lightweight and smooth enough to not emphasize my dry under-eye area, even until the end of a long day.  I was able to conceal most of the red patch on my cheek, without any caking or dry flakiness.

Both YSL All Hours Foundation and YSL All Hours Concealer are winners in my books.  They are comfortable and last all day without fading or creasing.  The ingredient list for the foundation is here in case you are interested.  They retail for SGD98 and SGD49 respectively, and are out in stores now.

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

6 responses to “Stay Flawless All Hours with YSL!”

  1. Lyna says:

    I have been trying it and loving it! I picked the shade BD25 and it’s perfect!!! The primer makes me feel itchy though… so it’s a no for me!!

  2. fromSandyxo says:

    I have been trying this foundation and big love in terms of finish, longevity etc but I am a little wary about the ingredients within alcohol denat. being listed as the third. What are your thoughts on that Linda?xo

    • silverkis says:

      i’ve researched into that topic in the past, and i know Paula Begoun is entirely against it. But I have seen it in plenty of products, and it seems particularly high in foundations that have that volatile nature, giving you that lovely lightweight texture and a matte finish. I always believe that the same ingredients can have different effect depending on the source it is extracted from, and how it is used in the overall formulation. It is the same philosophy i have towards not outright embracing everything that bears an organic or green label. I wished I can be much more insightful, but unfortunately, I’m not qualified to comment in a way that I feel is most unbiased and fair.

  3. Lily says:

    Lightweight, skin like and long wearing? I’ll have to try this out! From your swatch, BR20 looks more yellow than B20… and BD20 looks peach… or is that just the lighting?

    • silverkis says:

      I’d say, don’t read too much into the swatches because the lighting was really terrible. But I do think the original B20 is slightly pinkish in undertone, I actually wear B30 myself.

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