Valentines’ Day 2020 Gift Guide

February 12, 2020

Love is in the air!  The festivities aren’t letting up, especially with Valentines’ Day just round the corner.  This year weighs more on my mind because suddenly the possibility of having this baby on 14th February seems quite real.  My actual EDD is not til 10 March, but for a myriad reasons which I shall not bore you with here, my doctor is recommending an earlier delivery.  Of course, my preference is to let nature take its course, so it is a daily game of chance.  Until then, I am drawn to all things pink and girly, and as I was just reminded by a friend on IG this morning, no matter how many times a woman says she does not need anything, she will never say no to a gift.  So, I am here to share with you just a few pretty things that have me swooning over.

Valentines Day 2020 Gift Guide

For the luxe babe…

I must admit that I was immediately drawn to the latest Tom Ford fragrance by its matte powder pink packaging.  The naming is tongue-in-cheek as is usual with the recent slew of limited edition Tom Ford fragrances, perhaps a little too cheeky for something so demure looking, but I personally don’t mind it.  In case you are looking for a womanly rose bouquet, you should beware that this is not the case even though the fragrance notes speak of an full-bodied trio of May, Bulgarian and Turkish roses.  The rose scent is fleeting, making its presence known only in the initial opening, but quickly fades within minutes.  On my skin, Tom Ford Rose Prick is a straightforward patchouli scent, softened with fragrant tonka bean in the base towards the end.  I found it has only moderate sillage, though it lasts a decent 6-8 hours on my skin.

Tom Ford Rose Prick

For the girly dolls…*

On the other end of the spectrum, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pin-Up is a saccharine concoction of vanilla and amber. This is the latest flacon of the successful JPG Classique franchise that was originally conceived in 1993 with rose in the top.  Pin-Up is instead rendered with tart ginger, which perfectly complements the va-va-voom glittery bottle.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Pin Up

For the cutie pies…*

Singapore-born company Luxasia has been sourcing the best and most luxurious beauty brands from all over the world for decades, and has now partnered with Disney to release their own range of designer candles.  To celebrate the year of the rat, Luxasia has designed a truly adorable Mickey Mouse candle for the cutie pies in all of us.  Don’t let the youthfulness fool you though, the candle gives off a delicate and elegant fragrance when lit.  Composed of white rose, muguet and jasmine, with a base of musk and sandalwood.  This is a fragrance that is designed to please, and I can foresee many falling in love with this.

Luxasia Disney Candle

For the romantics…

Diptyque has been releasing a limited edition rose candle every spring for as long as I can remember, and I have collected a fair number of them.  What I love is that each of them are so memorable, and so vastly different from one another.  Paris en Fleur pays homage to Diptyque’s home city of Paris, and features a fresh chypre and rose petals blended with earthy patchouli.  Compared to previous editions, Paris en Fleur is deeper, more aromatic and sensual.  The glass is gorgeous of course, a true collector’s item, and bound to please.

Diptyque Paris en Fleur

I realise that all 4 products that I’ve chosen are fragrances this time round, though it was not by design but purely a cosmic coincidence, a subconscious reflection of my own personal interests perhaps.  But I truly believe that the ability to pick a fragrance that best suits your receiver shows how deeply you care and understand the object of your desire.  Happy shopping and a beautiful Valentines’ Day!

This post featured a couple of items that were generously provided for my consideration as marked with *.  Others were purchased by myself out of passion.  Regardless, the opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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