Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad

August 25, 2016

Aaahhh…. this beauty is finally mine!!  Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad is that unicorn that was soldout globally from the day it was launched, and it just reappeared back in Singapore recently.  Somehow it’s gotten so elevated in the midst of the hype, I couldn’t bring myself to touch it, thinking I still need to take a gazillion more shots.  Finally, I thought to heck with perfection, and dived in.  And gosh, why on earth did I wait so long?!

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Honeymoon

I must admit that even as a self-proclaimed Tom Ford die-hard, I don’t always use my Tom Ford stuff on a regular basis.  With all the new releases constantly needing reviewing, I am never on any one palette for very long.  Even though I am playing with some of the best, coming back to Tom Ford feels like reuniting with a loved one after a long separation.  Even though I am a natural skeptic and often have contrarian views, this time I believe we have a real winner with Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad!

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad

With its warm-toned copper-reddish color story, Honeymoon is very much reminiscent of Burnished Amber, the latter being one of those cult-favourites that was discontinued last year.  I have reviewed Burnished Amber here, and have a swatch comparison for you below.  But if you have never fallen for Burnished Amber, or missed the boat on that one, you can rejoice now because Honeymoon is a much more wearable palette and the shades are far easier to work with!

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad closeup

If you notice the TF embossed onto the center of each pan, this is similar to Nude Dip [reviewed here] which is one of the rare wet and dry formulas within the Tom Ford family.  You don’t really need to use this one wet though, because the pigmentation is top-notch, and so smooth blending is a breeze.

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad swatches

From left to right, the shades are:

And as promised, here is a comparison vis-a-vis Burnished Amber:

Tom Ford Honeymoon vs Burnished Amber comparison swatches

As you can see, the 2 palettes are quite  different indeed, with Burnished Amber distinctly more red and Honeymoon more plum.  The finish with Honeymoon has more sheen and shimmer than Burnished Amber, which I personally prefer.

Right now as I am working on this, I am reminded of a couple other palettes that have been released this Fall 2016.  So I thought I would swatch them side-by-side for you to compare!

Tom Ford Honeymoon vs SUQQU Rengazome vs Chanel Candeur et Experience comparison swatches

The more I examine Honeymoon, the more plum-based it appears to me, and not as red as I had initially thought, with Burnished Amber clouding my mind.  And as such, Honeymoon is rather different from either SUQQU Rengazome [reviewed here] or Chanel Candeur et Experience [reviewed here].

And here is an eye look using all 4 shades…

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad EOTD

I must say that out of the 3 palettes mentioned above, Honeymoon was the easiest to work with.  This surprised me because all of the palettes are excellent, so you can imagine how much more superior the Tom Ford quality is to make a noticeable difference when applying.  For this eye look, I started by applying the medium bronze all over my lid, and then I added the dark plummy brown on the outer corner blending upwards into the crease.  Then, I layered on the reddened copper to the outer third of my lid – I like to add the accent shade last because I find the color stands out much better this way, and I know exactly where to place it once the other shades are down.  Next, I added a pop of the light copper to my inner corner, blending upwards towards the crease.  I added a touch of black liner because I wanted to take out the redness from the eye look, but realized afterwards I didn’t need it at all, and really should have just kept to tightlining.

Here is the full look in context:

Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye color Quad makeup look

I am absolutely in love with Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad, and all the hype around it is real.  Each of the shades are beautiful, and so easy to work with.  Stocks should be back, if you are still hunting for this, do pop by your nearest Tom Ford counter!

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

11 responses to “Tom Ford Honeymoon Eye Color Quad”

  1. lilian says:

    Linda, what a lovely palette on you. Really loving it. I need to go to David Jones counter to book this. Since they sold out everywhere, Australia normally pretty slow on the launching but sold out not eveb seeing the product display at the counter!!
    I am on the mission! Great blogpost and always love to read.

  2. Jacqueline Ma says:

    What a gorgeous palette Linda.

  3. Celine Chiam says:

    Agree that honeymoon is the easiest to work with! Very easy to blend, can use for a daily look! ^^

  4. Bellyhead says:

    oh my goooooodness! Honeymoon is fantastic on you! (dare I say, more wearable?) It definitely is unique compared to the ones you’ve compared to and I am also struck how similar the others ones are to each other even if there are differences.

  5. Alison says:

    This is stunning– and of course I have to ask what lip color you are wearing. It is almost the perfect neutral red with just a hint of coolness. This eye shadow formula has to be the best though I actually find even Nude Dip a little warm for me though I do better with it when I have summer color– a reminder to forage around for it. So sadly Honeymoon is not in my realm. Though I love seeing the comparison. Maybe time to wear Enchanted again. I wore it last week with Eros in order to do my own cooler version of the red eye look. And the they were made to be paired together.

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Alison, that is Chanel Rouge Allure Ink 150 Luxuriant! Nude Dip tends to be a bit muddy hence giving that impression of being warm. I think Honeymoon works out better for me, much more straightforward if you know what I mean. Aahh you just reminded me of Enchanted… I should pull that one out for some play too! Mixed with Eros? That sounds intriguing!

  6. Lily says:

    I’ve been trying to resist the Chanel palette, Linda. It’s still taking a lot of determination NOT to buy it! The fact that it’s LE makes it even more tempting. I wanted this Honeymoon palette, but since it’s permanent, the urgency isn’t there, know what I mean? If you were to choose though… Chanel or TF?

    • silverkis says:

      Oh Lily… that’s some serious dilemma. I think you need both, and yes because Cadeau et Experience is LE, I suggest you grab that one. Those warm browns seem right up your alley. But Honeymoon is easier to work with imho…

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