Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Golden Mink

March 25, 2014

Sometimes in life, you need to go one full circle – hit the unusual, then come back around to appreciate the seemingly ordinary.  That was my journey with Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quads.  I started out with one of the least popular Sahara Haze, onto the high impact Burnished Amber, then the purples – Orchid Haze, Lavender Lust, Silvered Topaz, Enchanted, and finally to the brown Cognac Sable.  Recently, I had the opportunity to round up my collection by adopting this luxe little minx!

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden mink


Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Golden Mink is a easy one to pass over given it comprises mainly of 2 neutrals – a medium satin beige-taupe with an almost frosted cast depending on the angle of the light; and a darker satin brown.  What keeps Golden Mink luxe and signature Tom Ford sexy (completely different from the very safe Hourglass suede nude pairing) are the 2 (yes TWO) glitter shades on the top of the palette.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden mink close up

I must admit, I’m a very big fan of Tom Ford glitter shades.  And these 2 in Golden Mink are simply top-notch.  Both are semi-sheer, and work best patted on top of a colored base.  One is a light golden glitter, and the other is a golden glitter over a light brown base.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden mink swatches

I had swatched the shades (left to right) in clockwise direction of the palette starting from the top left shade.

Due to the lighter shades, Golden Mink may be a subtler sister to Cognac Sable.  It will certainly work better for those who are naturally drawn to more neutral shades, or are fairer.  But the presence of those glitters really do take things up a whole lot, and grants the user the power to play up those eyes.

For instance, here is a very ordinary looking office-appropriate day look:

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden mink eotdTom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden mink eotd

Alternatively, for a bolder look, you could pile on more of the darker brown, and dab on much more of both the glitters.  I took this next EOTD under low light to show you the effects of the glitter… it almost gives the lids a “wet’ slicked look which is so on trend at the moment.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden mink eotd

No amount of photography can do the glitters justice.  Golden Mink is a really gorgeous palette, and I love that the glitters are so sheer in color that I can use them with any other eyeshadow.  Just a dab above the eyeball, brightens up an entire eye look.  One note though, these glitters do fall… so a good creamy eye makeup primer is necessary.  I love Tom Ford’s eye primer but I know some ladies find it drying.  I’ve also recently tried it with Dior’s latest eye primer, and it works marvelously too.


5 responses to “Tom Ford Eye Color Quad Golden Mink”

  1. clidre vandijk says:

    Hello! I really appreciate your honest reviews. I purchased 2 TF lipstick and now I would like to buy one or 2 quads. But… I own so many eyeshadows… I would like something unique, something recognizable as TF signature and not easily dupable. I’m not looking for a everyday palette, I would like something for special occasions. That being said, which quad do you recommend for me? Thanks!!

  2. Shari says:

    I love this one too despite my initial thoughts of not liking it! 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed your tom ford quads reviews linda! It also served as a reminder for me to finally do my own! Heehee

  3. Lilian says:

    Yes likewise I ♡ TF glittery quads. I have three in the collection and my first quad was Burnished Amber, Golden Mink then Orchid Haze. Golden Mink is my go to palette and blend in very well to my rush hour get ready time ( i am a full time working mum with 4 & 6 yrs old children!) LOL!!

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