Doll or Frost Up with The Body Shop Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection!

December 20, 2014

I’m not going to lie about it, the last time I touched any makeup items from The Body Shop was decades ago (yes I am that old!) when I was in high school.  I mean no self-respecting grown woman confesses to using The Body Shop makeup, right?  WRONG!!  If you’ve been dabbling in high end makeup for as long as I have, it is a lot of fun to look for dupes in all the unlikely places.  And when they come in such cute and funky packaging, and so easy on the pocket, you start looking for reasons to buy some.  Perhaps a gift for a teenage cousin / niece or even stocking stuffers for that girlfriend who doesn’t wear makeup?  For me, i’m hoarding it all for fun weekends and budget getaways (these days lost baggages are a reality, people!).

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll

Check out that cute Lip & Cheek Doll!!!  KAWAII!!!  This is limited edition [priced at SGD39.90, USD16] of course, and houses The Body Shop’s original lip & cheek stain in a rosey red.  It sheers out, making it easy for a cheek stain, and is everyday wearable on the lips.  All too often lip stains tend to dry out my lips, but this one doesn’t, nor does it look too old-lady red.  Love!  Pop it in your handbag, and it’s a fun topic of conversation at parties!

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Doll Glitter Liquid Eyeliner swatches

The other holiday party essential in my opinion, is that Glitter Liquid Eyeliner [SGD24.90 or USD14].  It packs enough silver shimmers so that you can draw an opaque line near the lashes for some blink-blink action.  Or, you can even choose to smudge it out all over on top of one of the eyeshadows.

The Body Shop Holiday 2014 Eyeshadow Palettes

To dress up the eyes for holiday parties, The Body Shop has produced 2 seasonal eyeshadow palettes – a Frosted Pastels Palette to channel that wintry princess, and a Dolly Pastels Palette [SGD39.90 or USD28 each].

The Body Shop Frosted Pastels Palette swatches

I was quite happy to note the black shade in the Frosted Pastels Palette packed a good level of pigmentation, was smooth to apply, and has some lovely shimmers!! The green is a tad frosty, but hey, what is the winter holidays without some frost? I think it layers on very prettily over the shimmery black.  The other 2 shades are somewhat sheer and chalky for me, but they layer well and do not blend into nothingness.

The Body Shop Dolly Pastels Palette swatches

I can see many girls loving this Dolly Pastels Palette for the pretty baby pink and coral shades.  And when I first saw this palette, I thought it bore strong resemblances to SUQQU’s EX-2o palette [reviewed here].  Of course, at a third the price of SUQQU, Dolly Pastels Palette is not as pigmented and lacks the complex shimmers, but fun nonetheless.

One way to get the eyeshadows to adhere better, and last longer, is to first prep the lids with The Body Shop Instablur Eye [SGD24.90 or USD18].  I’ve been using this for the past few months since it was launched last summer, and regretfully hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it properly.  For lack of time here, I will just let you in on a little tip – that when I’m on the fly, and need to just touch my eye makeup between events, especially to get from a full day at the office to a party, I squeeze a tiny bit of this between my fingers and then dab over my lids.  It’s barely bigger than my finger, and fits in the tiniest of clutches.  And you don’t need any brush or tools to apply, just dab!  No time needed to set or dry, nor do you need to powder over.

For the final finishing touch to your party look, you can choose to go with Glazed Apple Lip Gloss [SGD16.90] or The Sparkler [SGD39.90].  Both have a slight sweet candied scent when first applied, and gives a fun touch of something shimmery.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Lip Gloss

The Body Shop The Sparkler

I love the transparent glass puff bottle The Sparkler comes in, and the shimmery powder is no less fun than Guerlain’s Coque d’Or [reviewed here], and at a fraction of the price!

And here is a quick look that I created using some of the items discussed here today.

On eyes: The Body Shop Dolly Pastels Palette lined with Glitter Liquid Eyeliner. On cheeks and lips: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Dolly

On eyes: The Body Shop Dolly Pastels Palette lined with Glitter Liquid Eyeliner.
On cheeks and lips: The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Dolly

Any of these caught your eye?

These products were provided to me by The Body Shop Singapore for my consideration.  All views expressed above are my personal honest opinion, and are not biased in any way.

xo Linda

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