Introducing Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes…

December 15, 2013

Tarte has just arrived in Singapore (seriously delayed!) to much excitement.  I had dabbled briefly with some of its products a long time ago when I was a student in the US, but it has been too long to formulate any kind of perspective on the brand’s offerings.  So, when I saw this Tarte Off The Cuff holiday set during Sephora US’s sale, I grabbed it right away.  It has taken a long time to get it shipped over, and I was swamped with reviewing other Holiday 2013 gorgeousness… by the time I had gathered enough materials, this has gotten soldout online.  But since 3 out of the 5 shades in this palette are permanent shades, and Tarte often brings back some limited edition shades in other gift sets, I thought I’d at least introduce these Amazonian Clay Blushes.

Tarte Off The Cuff Packaging

To begin, some unabashed superficiality… the reason this caught my eye was the black faux leather cuff with the golden ribbon!  Unlike most other throwaway gwps, this cuff reminds me alot of Kate Spade, and seriously, I’ve been wearing it quite often!

Tarte Off The Cuff

The carton packaging of the palette is sleek and of a high-quality, unlike some other rushed jobs (aka Charlotte Tilbury’s Bar of Gold (Crushed Powder)).

Tarte Off The Cuff palette

The shades that are from the permanent range are: Dazzled, Dollface, and Park Avenue.  Overall, all 5 shades are very well pigmented, and lasts a minimum of 8 hours on me before fading.  All pick up very well with just 1 swipe of the brush.  However, there are some slight variations between the shades in terms of texture and how it sits on the skin.

Tarte Off The Cuff swatches

The swatches, from left to right:

I tried doing up some LOTDs with these blushes, but by the 3rd or so, I figured they all seemed to look the same with my nonexistent photography skills.  Anyway, I know some girlies had serious issues with some of these Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, but I am loving all of these here.  If I had a choice to pick singles only, I may be overwhelmed, my favorite out of all these shades is Crave but that is LE only, so my next pick would be Park Avenue, because ya’know, I have a ginormous nose and this works!  Would I pay SGD40+ for one of these blushes?… that’s a toughie… but do watch out for sets like this, because then it’s super worth it!


6 responses to “Introducing Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes…”

  1. Erika says:

    I got mine around a month ago (or even longer) from the US but I still haven’t opened it! It’s crazy how busy I was the past few weeks. 🙁

    I’m so happy your review is on a positive note, though! Reassures me that I made a good purchase! 😉

  2. Lena L says:

    What a great palette!
    And the packaging reminds me of Dior’s.
    I love the idea of blush palette since I have hard time making a dent even to my favorite blush. We need to see more of them!
    Blushes tend to look the same once photographed (or blended in on face), but we appreciate the subtle difference which makes us happy, right? 😉

    • silverkis says:

      Hi Lena! Phew, so it’s not just me and my lousy photography! 😉 Yes, having a blush palette makes it so much easier to choose the right shades, i don’t have to plow through a gazillion of singles! And i have the same problem putting a dent on anything, but this Tarte palette is almost fullsized on each of the shades… LOL!!!

  3. Amria says:

    Omg, I need these! I love how sleek it looks, they did a great job

  4. rubyangel711 says:

    Wow, I’m reeling over the shades. Crave is definitely a stand-out shade. I would totally use Dazzled and Park Ave as eyeshadow also

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