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March 24, 2014

Over the past year, I’ve accumulated quite a number of tags that involved sharing some random fact about myself or answering some questions.  My apologies to all the sweet bloggers who have sent me their love, only to have me be so utterly remiss in replying.  They are:

Angie @ Rubyangel711

Erika @ Erika’s Secret Closet

Jacques @ Jacques’ Delight

Ti Amo @ Ti Amo

Sara @ ColorMeLoud

Better late than never!!  So, at the risk of boring you to tears about my amazingly mundane self, here are 30 random facts that you wouldn’t like to know about me!

  1. I have way too many lipsticks to count.  In every finish, texture and form.  I don’t have a preference as long as it doesn’t dry my lips up like the Saharan winds.  But if it matters, I believe the French make the best lipsticks.
  2. I like color.  My favorite color is blue, but for some reason I gravitate towards purple eyeshadows.
  3. I am very visual and utilitarian at the same time.  An object has to look good and work well.  If it fails in either, it has to go.  Hence my dilemma with pretty makeup whose designs disappear the moment I use them.
  4. As I grow older, I find myself losing attachment to things.  See #3 above.
  5. I like new stuff, and don’t really have a favorite piece of makeup (see #1).  New palette (no matter how dastardly) trumps old palette, even if only to give fodder for a critical review. Hence my ever-growing stash and the endless culling.
  6. My makeup mantra is – more is better than less.  Even super models need more than just BB creams to look magazine-ready.  Just make sure to have taste.  If you don’t have good taste, get somebody else to look you over.
  7. But I hate dressing up – halloween especially.  I wouldn’t know what to do.  I have zero creativity when it comes to dressing up.
  8. I’m a compulsive reader.  Even when i’m in the office bathroom, I find myself reading the same irritating poster stuck on the door for the millionth time.
  9. I read everything.  YA sappy romance novels, really bad vampire stuff, 50 shades of rubbish… i inhale them all.
  10. My favorite book is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  Not the movie, which was great, but the actual literature.  It’s so tragic, so careless, and so American.
  11. I can’t stand movie musicals.  Every time they re-screen Moulin Rouge on TV, I watch it just to convince myself how bad it is.  As was Les Miserables the movie.
  12. When I was a kid I wanted to be a musical prodigy.  I can play the organ, piano and flute.  Later on I realized talent was something you either had or not.
  13. Because of #12, one of my favorite movies was Shine; and I hold deep respect for Jon Nakamatsu.
  14. I believe that life is all about passion.  You can’t do anything well without passion.
  15. I despise people who are too lazy to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and resort to tearing others down instead.  Madras Crab people are pathetic.
  16. I have no patience for stupid people, specifically people who resort to childish games and excuses.  Please go and annoy others who are similarly stupid.
  17. I am not very brave really, i’m a scared-cat.  And so, strangely, my favorite sport is skiing.  Next is sailing.  I’ve gone sky-diving from 12,000ft.  It’s the rush of pushing myself to do something that I am naturally afraid of doing.
  18. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, give me savory over sweets anytime!
  19. I believe in the free market economy, i.e. voting with my money.  It all matters, no matter how small.  So stop throwing money to unethical companies / countries.  Choose wisely.
  20. I think I would have made a good engineer, i’m quite adept with computers, electronics, even a power drill.  But instead, I chose to study Business, and got into Finance.  I’m actually very bad with numbers.
  21. A couple of years ago, I took a sabbatical and pursued a Masters in Arts.  But I realized the industry is full of opinionated stupid people (see #16 above).  So I ended up back in Finance, and collecting art for myself instead.
  22. I don’t watch TV, particularly local Singaporean drama.  But i am a massive consumer of the Internet.  Currently, I am hooked on Scandal & Downton Abbey, and am looking for another good k-drama to lose sleep over.
  23. The first time I dyed my hair was with a home kit in college.  My Turkish gf did mine and I did hers.  Both of us had black hair to start with, and neither of us could see any difference afterwards.  I’ve always had dyed hair ever since.
  24. I don’t consciously carry a makeup pouch with me.  Most of the time my purse can only fit powder and a lipstick, so I pull whatever I’m using for the day with me.
  25. I can’t ever leave the house without some makeup.  Even if i’m going to the market, i apply BB cream or something, and do my brows.
  26. I loved Italy, and the French countryside.  Someday I hope to return, but there’s still so many places I’ve never been to.  I didn’t like Paris, the canned tourist ideal of romanticism didn’t work for me.
  27. I used to go to school in Michigan, and then lived in San Francisco for a number of years. I never complained about the snow in MI, but SF was always too cold.  And everybody kept warning me that the next Big Quake was long overdue.  So I ended up back in Singapore and missing SF.
  28. I love coming home to my husband and baby, even though I end up holing up in my room blogging at the end of the night.
  29. I love spending money!  No, not shopping particularly, just the rush of spending.  It doesn’t even have to be my own money!  So feel free to give me a shout if you need me to locate anything for you!!
  30. Blogging and Instagramming has brought so many new like-minded friends into my life.  I am so blessed to have gotten to know you.  And I pray that this will continue for a long, long time!

And if you made it through this lengthy read, bravo!!!!!  Thank you so much, I promise to be back with more product reviews from tomorrow onwards.  Have an amazing week ahead!  xoxo

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  1. Memoiselle says:

    Thank you for sharing Linda! It’s lovely to know more about you. I can relate to no 7, yes I do hate dressing up creatively too. I’ll just pick something that I want to wear without the hassle of mix and matching 😉

  2. Why haven’t I seen this post until now? 🙂
    I can’t believe how many common points there are to my 30 facts, like pursuing MA after already working, no TV but Internet, living Abroad, blogging at night, not liking sweets that much, playing piano and many many more! Loved reading it, thanks for sharing this with us. :-*

    • silverkis says:

      thanks for reading Sara…and for the tag! Yes, i noticed some similarities too when I read yours! And I guess that’s why we have the same taste in makeup too! 😉 Have a great rest of the week…the weekend’s near! xx

  3. agnesltan says:

    Thanks babe for sharing! Get know u even more now after all these years… Really you’re a great influence for me to kick start my love for all these beauty babies!! Thanks for all the reviews and sharings! Many more years and lots to come.. Love ya XoXo

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you so much for your sweetness babe! Thank you so much for your support and am so glad my reviews are helpful! Here’s to plenty more beautiful stuff! Can’t wait to see you & Ascher soon!! Xx

  4. Lilian says:

    Good to know you little bit more from IG. @thepersonalbeautyshopper

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