Quest for a more balanced & toned facial shape… Sygmalift!

August 26, 2017

It has been over 2 years since my last facial lifting procedure, and I have really felt the passage of those years show up on my face.  Perhaps it is my habit of sleeping on my side, or my genetic predisposition, my asymmetrical face was growing to the point where no contouring or strategic positioning of hair could fix.  With my beauty-related hobby taking up most of my consciousness, and constantly surrounded by industry marketing, I started to obsess and decided to do something about it.

A few months ago, I started toying with the idea of going for another round of Thermage.  But even though at that time the treatment did not feel unbearable to me [you can read about my experience here], some amount of pain is unavoidable with Thermage.  Though you can request the doctor to dial down the intensity according to your pain threshold, the reality is the lower the intensity the lesser the result.  And over the years, my over-active imagination has built it up into a crazy beast that gives me pause.

When I brought it up with Dr Gerard Ee at Clifford Clinic, he suggested I give Sygmalift a try instead.  Sygmalift is the latest and most advanced non-surgical face-lifting technology to date, and it combines high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), cold laser of 635nm and Trimicro focal ultrasound to lift and sculpt the face, as well as reduce lines and wrinkles.  I must admit, my initial reaction was to run to the hills because HIFU is well-known to be so painful that it even requires a numbing vaccination in some cases.  But Dr Ee reassured me that Sygmalift is completely painless, which even then was quite a leap of confidence for me because as we all know, “painless” seldom actually mean pain-free.

Sygmalift machine

My Sygmalift journey started on a rather funny note… I had walked into Clifford Clinic, and after removing my makeup, asked the assistants if they could please administer my numbing cream already so it has more time to take effect.  The assistants laughed at me and told me it is not required.  Then a therapist walked me into the room and told me she will be administering the treatment, and my mind wandered to fantastical places again.  Of course, Sygmalift is a whole different type of treatment, and cleared by the Ministry of Health to be performed by trained therapists.

Symalift step 1

To begin, a special conducting gel is applied to the face.  This helps the probes to glide over the face better, as well as enable better penetration of the ultrasound beams.

Symalift probe

Next, the treatment begins.  It takes roughly about 30 minutes to administer the focal ultrasound which reduces fats and lifts muscles.  At this point my anxiety level was peaking, but after the first few minutes, I actually dozed off!!  This goes to show just how truly pain-free the Sygmalift treatment is!  After this, the beautician removes any excess gel from my face, and then passes the laser probe over my face, to stimulate collagen production and skin tightening.

At this point, I am completely in awe of Sygmalift.  It is the only facial-lifting treatment that I know of which is completely painfree.  And of course, it is non-surgical, which means I can pop into Clifford Clinic at lunch time and get back to work again in an hour.  Compared to other treatments though, it typically takes 3 or more sessions for Sygmalift to take effect.  Just like Thermal, Sygmalift takes awhile for improvements to be visible.

This picture was taken just before I started my Sygmalift treatments:

Shiseido Synchro Skin Glow Foundation before after effects comparison

If you have been following my blog sometime, you will be familiar with my usual half-faced foundation before/after comparison shots.  To be as authentic as possible, I decided to pull this out from this recent review.

And this is from a yet-to-be-published review of another new foundation taken a few days ago:

YSL All Hours Foundation before after

Part of the signs of youthfulness is fuller cheeks, and I can definitely see my cheeks filling out a little bit over the past 2 months.  Particularly, my face does not seem quite as uneven anymore, my usually flatter left (on screen right) side of the face is now slightly fuller.  And along the way, the apples of my cheeks are much more balanced now.

I underwent 3 Sygmalift sessions, all targeting my cheeks and general face toning.  The results are not as significant as I’d like, in particular, more work needs to be done specifically to balance out my eyebrows and to tone my sagging jowl.  This is a great alternative for those who have a very low pain threshold and prefer a more relaxing treatment.  For those who can afford it, I highly recommend integrating regular Sygmalift sessions into your personal maintenance!

If you work in the CBD area, you can pop by Clifford Clinic at 24 Raffles Place, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621 to find out more!

This is a sponsored post.  Regardless, I have tried my best to be as objective and honest in my review as possible.

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