SUQQU Holiday 2019 Makeup Kits

November 25, 2019

SUQQU is out to win over hearts this Holiday 2019!  In addition to the capsule collection that was released exclusively for the UK market [see here], the brand has also released 2 covetable limited edition makeup kits.  I was especially excited for these because I wanted to try out the new Glow Touch Eyes and see how they layer with the powder eyeshadows… read more after the jump!

SUQQU Holiday 2019 Makeup Kits

Both the Holiday Makeup Kits this year feature 4 items – a full-sized Designing Color Eyes quad palette, travel-sized liquid Glow Touch Eyes, travel-sized Flawless Lip Gloss, and a makeup pouch.  All the shades are new and limited edition, with both veering towards warmer hues, though easy to work with for those who may be cooler-toned.

SUQQU Holiday 2019 Makeup Kit A

SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit A comes with a cherry red pouch and contains Designing Color Eyes palette 128 Hiakari along with complementary hues of Glow Touch Eyes and Flawless Lip Gloss.  Hiakari loosely translates into a mix of flame red and twinkle gold.  Though distinctly the warmer-toned of the 2 kits on offer, Hiakari is less red than the name evokes, and more bronze/russet.  Here are the swatches of all the makeup items in Kit A for your reference.

SUQQU Holiday 2019 Makeup Kit A swatches

Flawless Lip Gloss 108 Kokihi is a warm chocolatey-brown with a jelly-like luster.  Glow Touch Eyes 106 Onkogare is a beautiful easy-to-wear brown liquid eyeshadow with violet and silver micro-shimmers.  This is a wonderful shade for wearing all over the eyes, and as a base to add complexity to any other eyeshadow.  The hues of Designing Color Eyes 128 Hiakari are (clockwise from top left):

Here is a full makeup look featuring all the items in SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit A:

SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit A makeup look

A closeup look at the eye…

SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit A eye makeup look

For those who prefer cooler-toned hues, here is SUQQU Holiday Makeup Kit B.

SUQQU Holiday 2019 Makeup Kit B

Makeup Kit B features SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 129 Tomoshibi, which loosely translates into calm orange and starry mauve.  I love mauve hues, and the unusual pop of orange surprised me but a swatch of it made me think again!
Here are the swatches for your reference:

SUQQU Holiday 2019 Makeup Kit B swatches

Flawless Lip Gloss 109 Yoiakane is a plummy purple gloss that is less opaque than Kokihi above, but incredibly sophisticated on the lips.  Glow Touch Eyes 107 Yuragibikari is a beautiful purple liquid eyeshadow that contains purple and silver shimmers.  The shades of Designing Color Eyes 129 Tomoshibi (in clockwise direction starting from top left) are:

SUQQU Makeup Kit B makeup look

I layered Tomoshibi over Yuragibikari on the lids, and wore Yoiakane on my lips in the makeup look above.  Here is a closeup on the eye makeup:

SUQQU Makeup Kit B eye makeup look

I’ve been collecting SUQQU’s holiday makeup kits for many years now, and they have always been my most favorite pieces from the brand.  This year’s release is definitely up there with the best of the best!  Already out in counters if you are so lucky as to have access to one, if not, hop over to Selfridges to shop!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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