SUQQU Holiday 2015 Makeup Kit A ft. EX-03 Aosaori

November 25, 2015

I have a few more Holiday 2015 collection posts to get through before we start counting down to Christmas, and today I’d like to show you my pick from SUQQU Holiday 2015!  As is typical with Japanese brands, SUQQU releases special limited edition coffers each year for the holiday season, and for the past years the coffers had consisted of a deluxe sized facial cleanser and pouch.  After collecting 2 of those, I am glad that this year’s coffrets feature a nail polish remover instead of facial cleanser!  It is a pity though that international postal services seem to enjoy collecting nail polish removers as much as I do, so my set is lacking that for now.  Nonetheless, I’m excited to show you the stunning Eye Color Palette in EX-03 碧茶織 Aosaori and Gel Eyeliner Pencil in EX-02!

SUQQU Holiday 2015 Kit A

This year, SUQQU offers us 2 Makeup Kits that are quite similar except for the Eye Color Palette, and the pouch looks similar though in different colors to match the palettes.  What caught my eye (as well as most others!) was the very unique 2-tone swirling design on all 3 shades of the palette, and the textured weave pattern on the surface.

SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-03 Aosaori

SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-03 comes in the 3-color eyeshadow palette format that we first saw in FW2014 [read here], and more recently in Summer 2015 [read here].  In the spirit of full disclosure, I am not terribly in love with SUQQU Eye Color Palette #03 Aurori which I had picked up last year, and the purple and blue shades in Aurori resemble the swirled combination in Aosaori.  That naturally made me rather nervous, but if there’s anybody worth giving a second chance to, that’ll be SUQQU.

SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-03 & Gel Eyeliner Pencil Ex-02 swatches

The swatches above were taken by swirling indiscriminately across the shades within each pan.  As you can see, SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-03 comprises of:

Here is another completely blurred out shot taken under sunlight to show you the gorgeous complex shimmers in all their glory!

SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-03 & Gel Eyeliner Pencil Ex-02 swatches

I have also included a swatch of the Gel Eyeliner Pencil in EX-02, and as you can see, it is a gorgeous blackened blue with light blue shimmers.  This is a brand new product that was recently launched by SUQQU, so I was very happy to see it featured in this year’s Holiday coffrets!  The shade is the same across both the Makeup Kits though!  I love the slim, twist-up design of the eyeliner, although you should note that this is one of those that only twists up and doesn’t turn back down!

And here is a simple eye look I created by simply layering all 3 shades one on top of the other:

SUQQU Holiday 2015 Kit A EOTD

To add more definition to my eye, I also lined the outer corner of my upper and lower lash lines with the Gel Eyeliner Pencil.  This is not particularly smooth, but certainly very pigmented.  It takes only a few seconds to dry, and once it dries it stays put, so it is important to work fast if you plan on blending it out.  The color reminds me of SUQQU Creamy Eyeliner #03 Ruby Navy [reviewed here], but it does not apply as smoothly nor as pigmented.

Since SUQQU gave us such a pretty palette with contrasting shades distinctly separated within the pans, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to pick up the various shades!  Though their relative sizes are small, the shades are quite pigmented even by Japanese standards, and using Surratt’s Artistique Classic Eyeshadow Brush in Medium, I was able to pick up the shades fairly easily and apply them.

You had actually already seen the resultant eye looks that I created using the middle and bottom pans in a recent post, but let me show them to you here and explain a little more.

Eye makeup look ft SUQQU eye Color Palette EX-04 and Tom Ford Lash Tips in Burnished Gold

Using the 2 shades in the middle pan, I first applied the darker brown along the lower half of my lid along the lash line and blending upwards.  I then added the lighter golden brown shade above that blending towards my natural crease.  Thereafter, I dabbed more of the darker brown to my outer corner, and also blended it along my lower lash line.  To finish, I popped a wee bit of the gold from the top pan on the middle of my lid and also in my inner corner.

Eye makeup look ft SUQQU eye Color Palette EX-04 and Tom Ford Lash Tips in Cobalt Blue

Using the shades from the bottom pan, I first applied the purple shade on the inner half of my lid followed by the blue on the outer half.  Blended the 2 shades together, and finished by lining my bottom lash line with the blue shade ending with a pop of gold from the top pan on my inner corner.  I was surprised by how the resultant look resembled Chanel’s Tisse Gabrielle Les 4 Ombres, though Aosaori is cleaner and crisper on my lids.

Overall, SUQQU Eye Color Palette EX-03 Aosaori is a very interesting palette that I find myself reaching for on a daily basis now.  The beauty of these SUQQU palettes really is how they’re designed to be simply worn by layering all the shades together, no brains needed!  And a light wash is all that is required to get a very soft, diffused look appropriate for all day wear.  The fun of this palette though, is of course the ability to pick up the separate shades at will and play around with them!

Before I go, I’d like to share the full look in context based on the very 1st eye look shown above:

SUQQU Holiday 2015 Makeup Kit A LOTD

SUQQU Holiday 2015 Makeup Kit A LOTD

Hope your week is going well!

xo Linda

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  1. Lily says:

    Ah, this looks like a very pretty and wearable palette. Love the smokey look you created here, Linda. Gorgeous!

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you Lily! It really is a very pretty and wearable palette… I’ve taken to wearing just the bronze/golden pan on its own, or layer all 3 together when I have a few more minutes to spare. Love the pigmentation level of this palette as it doesn’t take much work to build up color!

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