SUQQU AW2018 Designing Color Eyes Yuuakane

September 9, 2018

Hello friends!  It has been surprisingly nice here in Cologne this time of the year, and I’ve been booked in a shoebox of a hotel room this round, so I’ve tried to spend most of my time outside.  I had initially thought I’d have so much time to myself that I can catch up on blog posts, but instead I’ve just been crashing the moment I get back.  Today I took off to Dusseldorf for a spot of shopping, you can take a peek on my Instagram stories.

Before I turn in for the night again, I would like to show you my latest purchase from SUQQU AW2018’s collection.  The brand used to send me their collections, but somehow I seemed to have been dropped from their recent PR musical chairs.  It’s sad because I love SUQQU and have always done my best to get thorough reviews out before the official launches, no matter how late the press drops show up.  But in a way it has been sort of liberating and I no longer feel any pressure to get the features out.  The latest season looked so pretty though, and in a pleasant turn of events, I was actually able to get hold of it on Selfridges!

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 10 Yuuakane

The AW2018 collection featured 2 eyeshadow palettes, and I went with SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 10 Yuuakane which is the cooler-toned palette.  SUQQU is one of those brands that have always been reliable and high quality, which is why it is easy to buy online without swatching or seeing in person.  The colors are always flattering for Asian skintone, and the mix of shades complement each other and are easy tofeatures a  wear.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes 10 Yuuakane

Yuuakane features a deep navy blue and two shades of peaches to pair with.  The genius of Suqqu palettes is in tiny nuances of the shades, lending the overall effect a grown-up sensibility.  A straight-forward pink-blue pairing has all the potential to turn tweenage, but instead SUQQU has managed to create a palette that matured ladies like myself would be able to wear even to the office.

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Yuuakane swatches

I swatched the shades in clockwise direction, starting from the top left shade.  From left to right, the swatches are:

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Yuuakane eye makeup look

For this eye look, I first swept the copper-peach all over the inner 3/4 of my lid, followed by the navy on the outer corner.  Then I layered the pink-peach in the middle to blend, and added a dash of the frosty champagne to my inner corner.  Lined the lower lash line with the navy, and blending into the champagne.

And here is the full look:

SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Yuuakane makeup look

I am forever on the hunt for a good dark blue eyeshadow because that is seemingly one of the hardest things to formulate well.  SUQQU has created some really lovely blue shadows, my favourite is from their 2013 Holiday collection [see here].  However, the navy in Yuuakane is a little below the levels that I’ve come to expect.  It is not well pigmented, and loses its color intensity when blended out, turning more black and losing the blue tone when I try to build up.  Nonetheless, Yuuakane is still a lovely palette, very wearable and creates beautiful eye looks.  Did you manage to pick up any of the new SUQQU AW2018 pieces?


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