Su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant Hydrating Glow Serum & Cream

April 11, 2018

It is Day 2 of our quest to jumpstart our skincare routine this Spring!  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s hydrating duo, and today I’ve got a power pair from Korean brand Su:m37˚.  Pronounced as soom, Su:m37˚ means “breath” in Korean and is a premium line that uses naturally fermented ingredients in their skincare products.  Everything is formulated with a proprietary essence called Cytosis®, which is derived from 80 types of natural plants that are gathered and fermented in cedar barrels for 365 days, under stringent conditions at a temperature of 37˚C.  I have been hooked on their skincare ever since the brand was launched in Singapore last year, and even more so now with the new Su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant range.

Su:m37 Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Serum & Cream

Su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant range not only addresses skin hydration, but also targets a popular Asian concern of radiance.  The collection is formulated with Aqua Ferm™, an exclusive complex that provides intense hydration to the skin by activating the Aquaporin cells that control the moisture pathways between our skin layers.  This ensures that skin remains nice and fresh throughout the day.  To banish dullness, an extract from a Chinese medicinal herb Fu Ling called Poria Light™ plumps up the skin for a smoother, firmer surface to better reflect light, giving a more radiant appearance.  Aqua Light™ is a combination of precious truffle-derived yeast extract and Western medicinal herbs; suppresses melanin production to prevent formation of dark spots.

Su:m37 Waterfull Radiant Hydrating Glow Serum & Cream

There are 5 products in this range, and I have been testing out the 2 star products:

Su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant Hydrating Glow Serum is a light gel-like fluid that is dispensed by a pump.  I like to take 2 pumps for my face and neck, applying immediately after cleanser and toner.  It has a soothing effect, and takes a few minutes to be fully absorbed.  But it leaves my skin plumped and keeps it nicely hydrated throughout the day.

Su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant Hydrating Glow Cream is an aqueous whipped cream that glides over the skin silkily and is instantly absorbed.  It does not leave any oily trace behind nor does it feel heavy, but it strengthens the skin’s barrier and I feel comfortable all day.  Wears beautifully under makeup, and is perfect for when the weather starts warming up.

For those like me who can’t live without hydrating skincare and would also like some extra radiance-boosting properties, the Su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant range is definitely worth checking out!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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