Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation & Gel Cushion

March 9, 2019

There is a revolution afoot this spring, a whole new crop of foundations to herald in a beautiful complexion in keeping with the latest makeup trend.  Petal fresh skin has never been more alive and real, coverage is uncompromised by texture and comfort.  To kickstart this mini series is the latest cushion from Sulwhasoo and the brand’s first ever liquid foundation.

Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Cushion & Foundation

I was excited when I first spied the Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation as this is the first liquid foundation from this brand.  Formulated with a new Sheer Hydra Formula Technology, this foundation adheres to skin all day for long-lasting wear, coupled with moisture to ensure comfort and a smooth finish.  As you might expect from a luxury skincare expert, the Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation is formulated with sea buckthorn berries that is rich in antioxidants.  For full list of ingredients see here.

Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation comparison*Please click on image to open in separate window and zoom

The coverage though sheer, is surprisingly good.  As you can see from the half-faced comparison shot above, Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation is able to brighten my dark circles and conceal redness around my nose.  It evens out skin tone in general but a separate concealer is still needed to completely erase blemishes from sight.  There is a noticeable gleam to this foundation which is a matter of personal preference but may be tricky for those with oily skin.  The good thing though is that it does not get progressively oily-looking as the day progresses.  When used on its own, I do notice it breaking down slightly on my t-zone after about 8 hours of wear, but this can be resolved with a primer and some powder.

Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation & Cushion

Released alongside the foundation is Sulwhasoo’s latest Sheer Lasting Gel Cushion.  I should mention at this point that I find the rose gold detailing on this pair of base makeup to be really pretty.  Sulwhasoo has many cushions, all of them excellent so I was hardpressed to get excited at first sight.  The gel cushion comes with a fine mesh over the product, and upon first dip of the puff, becomes fully ensconced within the melting gel.  When applied to the face, it bursts in a drench of hydration, and has a light crisp texture.  The application was seamless, very much my-skin-but-better whilst still providing great coverage as you can see below.

Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Cushion comparison*Please click on image to open in a separate window and zoom.

Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Cushion actually reminds me of Chanel’s Gel Touch Foundation [reviewed here] which is one of my personal favorite cushions for a natural finish.  In comparison, this one from Sulwhasoo has better coverage and lasts longer.  I found it lasts an entire day without transferring, and is able to control the appearance of oily shine.  Between the 2, I definitely prefer this cushion over the foundation.  In case you are interested in the ingredients, you may find the full list here.

Sulwhasoo Sheer Lasting Foundation and Cushion are out in counters now.  Please stop by and check them out for yourself!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my honest, unbiased views.

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