SK-II Stempower Workshop

October 20, 2012

By now, any beauty junkie worth her salt must have heard of SK-II’s latest offering – the SK-II Stempower.  This latest and bestest facial cream has replaced the Skin Signature, and has the ability to turn your skin younger by 10 years after just 10 days’ use!

Tangs SKII stempower workshopI’m usually too lazy to attend product workshops as the long lectures tend to put me to sleep.  ;P  But i was genuinely curious about the Stempower, AND the swag was simply too good to resist!  More on that later…

Apart from explaining the Stempower’s ability to stimulate epidermal root cell activity, which is expected to improve skin’s epidermal firmness, the trainer also demonstrated several massage techniques to help tone and lift facial contours.  The most interesting part of the workshop (for me at least), was the ability to measure our personal skin’s age using the latest Miracle Ring.  The new machine takes a picture of the nasal labial fold area (more prone to wrinkles and sagging) and measures the skin’s profile according to 5 vectors – texture refinement, radiance enhancement, firmness power, spot control, and wrinkle resilience.  I was super happy to find out that my skin’s age is about 5 years younger than i really am!  Yippeee!!!  The only thing that surprised me was how many spots are slowly creeping up from below my epidermal layer!  Time to invest in good sun care!!!!

At the end of the event, we were each given a sweet treat of macaroons!!!  LOVED the rose flavored one!!

Tangs SKII Stempower workshop

And as i promised, here’s a photo of all the goodies that i took home from the event!!  There were 3 pcs of Facial Treatment Mask, 2 pcs of Signs Eye Mask, 2 btls of Cleansing Oil, Facial Treatment Lotion, Essence, Facial Lift Emulsion, Cleanser, Repair C, Stempower samples, a jewelry case and a gorgeous mirror!  The attendance fee of $100 was also fully redeemable!  Jealous much??  ;P

Tangs SKII stempower workshop

I can’t wait to get started on the latest Stempower, and see my skin rejuvenated even more!!

4 responses to “SK-II Stempower Workshop”

  1. Jae says:

    I’ve definitely hears of SK II and i’m dying to try it, but at the same time i’m so nervous to because I haven’t done my research on it yet haha I hear wonderful things though.

    This product is really interesting. I wonder if they have sample packs you can buy :/

    wow such a wonderful take home gift 😀
    ;~; yes i am jealous. thank you for pointing that out!


    • silverkis says:

      Hi Jae, yes SK-II is pretty generous with their samples! So, do pop by any counter and ask about specific products suitable for your skin type! I’ve been using their cleanser, toner, essence, eye gel, moisturizer and paper masks for years and love it!

  2. silverkis says:

    Keep us posted on your “after” results, Shirley! I’m interested to know how you find the stem power rich cream (vs stem power) too…

  3. Shirley Tay says:

    5 years is not too bad. I’m also amazed with my skin’s age, nothing to complain about. Hahaha! Can’t wait for my “after” results. The goodies are pretty attractive 🙂

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