Yummy lactation bakes for me, nutritious breastmilk for my baby!

August 7, 2020

Baby Leyton is coming up to 6 months old, and I’ve surprised myself by how long I have been breastfeeding.  I started this pregnancy with a very casual attitude because I suffered from mastitis thrice with my first baby and had to stop after 3 months.  There is no greater feeling than spending a quiet moment just you and your newborn, latched together, his little finger grasping tightly to yours.  But you cannot enjoy all that if you are stressed out from making sure the little one is getting enough nutrition.  I was determined to sit back and relax with my 2nd baby, and now with 6 months under my belt, I am happy to say that a large part of my secret to successful breastfeeding are these delicious bakes from Singapore Lactation Bakes!

Singapore lactation bakes

Clockwise from top left: Singapore Lactation Bakes brownies, cookies, cookie cups, and muffins

Like any mother, I am convinced of the benefits of breastfeeding and want to do my best for my babies.  However, I learnt from my first pregnancy that my body simply does not produce enough milk on its own.  When I was exclusively breastfeeding Ezra, he was unable to nap for more than 10 minutes throughout the day and was practically latched on 24-7.  I turned to pharmaceuticals (domperidone was easily obtainable at my local pharmacy), and even pumped after latching to boost my supply.  It was a lot, I was miserable and my body rewarded my efforts with mastitis thrice!  The third time the lump in my breast grew to the size of ping pong ball and my doctor sent me off to get an ultrasound for fear of cancer.  She also performed a needle aspiration to drain the abscess, which sorted out the mastitis… but also killed my milk supply from that breast entirely.

This 2nd time around with baby Leyton, I decided to prioritise my own sanity, and just let my body do its thing.  I wish I can report that with a more relaxed frame of mind I was able to miraculously produce bags and bags of liquid gold, but of course… life.  The breast that had undergone the needle aspiration before now produced only a pittance so I was relying on only 1 side to feed baby.  I did not want to take any more pharmaceuticals, so I turned to other natural ways to boost my milk supply, and top of my list were lactation bakes!

Singapore Lactation Bakes gift sets

Singapore Lactation Bakes gift set

The idea of being able to feed your baby simply by munching on delicious cookies is sheer genius!  I don’t have a sweet tooth and was never in the habit of snacking… but feeding another human being is hungry business and the goodies from Singapore Lactation Bakes (“SLB”) are too good to miss.  There is a wonderful variety of bakes and flavours to cater to every taste and mood, and not too sweet even for me.  I have been enjoying my breakfast muffin and indulging in a brownie (with a scoop of ice cream) whenever the urge calls.
After pumping in the middle of the night, I refuel with a couple of cookies along with a glass of milk.  Oh and treating the family to pancakes on the weekends is so much fun.  Yes, my husband and 7-year old enjoy all of my SLB lactation bakes too… especially the cookie cups (I have to hide them otherwise they disappear faster than I can say cookie)!

Freshly baked in small batches to order, SLB’s lactation bakes are crafted with the most effective natural galactagogues such as organic rolled oats, organic flaxseed, and gluten-free brewer’s yeast.  These not only helps the body produce more milk, they are also filled with beneficial nutrients such as iron to fight maternal anaemia, omega 3s for brain development, Vitamin B for a healthy immune system, etc.  SLB also offers the option to add other galactagogue herbs such as fenugreek, fennel, blessed thistle, and chia seed.

Singapore Lactation Bakes Lactation pancakes

Breakfast made from Singapore Lactation Bakes lactation pancake mix

I have been consuming SLB’s lactation bakes for 5 months now, and it has truly been a joy. Whilst my freezer remains devoid of those excess bags and bags of milk, I am at least able to provide baby Leyton with sufficient on a daily basis to ensure he gets all the antibodies and early boost in life that he deserves.  Initially I was worried about all the extra calories that I was piling on, or that I would tire of eating the same things everyday.  In reality, I am now almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight because of all the calories that breastfeeding burns.  And SLB offers such a wide variety that I have been having fun trying them out.  My favourites are the chocolate chip muffins, nutella cookie cups, and cranberry macadamia nut cookies!

Wearing Singapore Lactation Bakes fairymoon nursing cover

In addition to all the delicious lactation bakes, SLB also offers the best nursing cover I’ve ever tried!  They are made of 100% milk silk which feels like the softest and most comfy tee you like to snuggle in, yet so lightweight it caresses baby’s skin like silk.  There are so many cute prints to choose from, and I really love this midnight blue Fairymoon design.  So discreet I can even wear it as a toga top!

I think I am going to miss my Singapore Lactation Bakes goodies when it is all over.  But they also offer such pretty gift packaging I have started blessing my other breastfeeding friends with their gift sets.  Try it out for yourself at https://www.slb.sg – enjoy 10% off when you enter code <SILVERKIS10> at checkout!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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