Beauty Blogger 2.0: Getting Hairy with Panasonic at SBA2014

July 20, 2014

I am still reeling from the honor of making it into the top 10 finalists for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards… I have only been blogging for 1.5 years, and am pretty much learning as I go. Writing this blog has taught me more about makeup and skincare than I had ever known, and just as I was getting comfortable, I was nudged into a completely new area of beauty – hair styling!

Thinking back, I remember my college roommates rolling their hair up in strips of cloth at night and waking up to gorgeous beachy waves the next day. I found out that girls in the US learn at a very young age to style their own hair, and it is common practice to head out for a movie and dinner date in jeans and nicely coiffed hair dos. In contrast, I grew up with a very casual attitude towards my own head of hair, relying instead on damaging chemical processes like rebonding or perm, resulting in the same boring look every single day. So as you can imagine, I am hopelessly clumsy and lackadaisical when it comes to hair styling. Therefore, it was a real eye-opener for me when I attended a recent Panasonic hair styling workshop organized for the Singapore Blog Awards 2014 finalists!

Taught by professional stylist and hair extraordinaire Lim Hongling, we all got to roll up our sleeves and do some hands-on practice with products provided by Panasonic! We started with the basics, and I am proud to report that with a lifetime’s experience under our belts, my friends and I did fairly well blow drying our own hair!!

Hands on practice

I was blessed to be accompanied by these 2 beauties, who were constantly encouraging me on and even offering suggestions when I was just lost in a blur. That is the effervescent Shine of This Gal Shines experimenting (or more accurately, demonstrating to me!) on the wonderfully generous Meryl of Memoiselle!

Next, Hongling demonstrated a simple hair straightening technique using the Panasonic Nanocare Hair Straightener. I was quite impressed to find this straightener was well designed with seamless rounded edges that allowed my hair to flow smoothly without breakage. Also it heated up quickly and it went up to as high as 200oC to enable quick and easy styling.

Hands on Practice hair straightening

Things got a little more tricky when we progressed to actually curling our hair using a straightener! I know it sounds counter-intuitive, and my initial reaction was “huh?!”… but it is actually far easier to curl with a good pair of straightener than a curling thong (as my once-burnt fingers would attest to). The concept looked simple enough – grab a little bit of hair between the plates, turn the straightener inwards and keep turning until all the hair has been coiled up, and then very slowly loosen the grip and gently remove the straightener.

Hair curling demo

I must say though, this takes a bit of practice. I found it easiest to hold onto the straightener with both hands to keep the hair within it firmly in place. To do that, you *ahem me* must overcome the fear of potentially burning your fingers, but with Panasonic Nanocare Straightener this is not likely as the plates are well covered!

OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Panasonic Workshop

I couldn’t quite figure it out initially, and Hongling came to my rescue!  See how beautiful the resultant curl is using the straightener?  Simply repeat the process for the entire head for some seriously sexy waves!  I think this could be good for both a day at the office, followed by some after work drinks and who knows what may follow? *wink*

To amp things up a little, and to bring out the sweet demure princess for more special occasions… a romantic dinner date perhaps? … Hongling suggested a sideswept hairstyle. Show a little of that alluring neck on one side… hide coyly behind a little hair on the other… you get the idea. This is easily achieved by simply taking a bit of hair from one side, braiding it, and then pulling the braid to the other side and pinning it up.

Pinning up sideswept look demo

To polish up the look, Hongling suggested curling the fringe slightly outwards… and here is the finished work!

Sideswept date look

Finally, working off the curled hair, Hongling demonstrated how to twist and pin up sections of the hair for a glamorous updo. To be honest, most of that just went past me in a blur… and I’m not altogether sure how I could possibly grope around the back of my head to pin up a dream ‘do… but it never hurts to experiment!

Pinning updo

Keeping things a little tousled for the additional oomph, Hongling intentionally left things a little bit messy and used lots of hair spray every step of the way instead of pinning every strand to death.

Updo for gala event

I’m really impressed with the way Hongling managed to pin everything up firmly yet with a sense of ease about it, and yet not a single pin is visible!

OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Launch Event Attendees

Here are all the 10 finalists together with our wonderfully loving friends who were there as our muses and helpers throughout the workshop!

The workshop was a real experience for me… the right hair do really does complete a look. Watching hair tutorials on Youtube has nothing on a live interactive demonstration! I picked up some tips, and have prepared a total hair and makeup tutorial tailored for a sweet flirty date night out here!  xoxo

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  1. Shine says:

    Good write up Linda! Still voting for you! All the way gal…. 🙂

  2. Linda.. that’s a lovely event we went together. Thank you for having me in the event 🙂
    Best of luck in the competition babe, your blog has got what it takes to win!! 🙂

  3. lilian says:

    I can see you enjoying yourself. Great sharing the experience.

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