Shu Uemura Holiday 2013: 6 Hearts Princess Enchanted Black Palette

November 12, 2013

Is anybody else counting down to Christmas already?  I thought I was starting the Holiday vibes early, but a trip to Ikea yesterday proved to me that I was wrong as all of the nicer tree decor were already snapped up!  Well, in case you need any help getting into the groove, this Shu Uemura 6 Hearts Princess Enchanted Black Palette should do it!

Shu Uemura 6HP Enchanted Black palette

This Enchanted Black Parallel Palette is 1 of 2 limited edition eye & cheek palettes that Shu Uemura has presented for Holiday 2013.  In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Shu Uemura has teamed up with the world renowned artist Takashi Murakami for the design.  Of all the wonderful collaborations Shu Uemura has presented in the past, this is the only one that has caught my eye.  Heck, I may never be able to own an original Murakami, but an eyeshadow palette is right up my alley!!!  And may I digress to say, this is probably my favorite Murakami collaboration ever (hated the LV collection!)

The reason this palette caught my eye, is this.

Shu Uemura 6HP Enchanted Black palette

Look at that variety of color and textures!  Gold, Black, Purple, Green!  We are just short of a good red shade to color up Santa & his elves!  And check out those sparkles!  But what pictures fail to convey, was the deliciousness of the textures!  I first dipped my finger into the black sparkly shade, thinking, well, black shades are usually kind of dry especially one with sparkles.  And dang, it was like Christmas morning!  This is one of the softest black shade I have ever touched!  I mean, it is up there together with Tom Ford’s Titanium Smoke and the best of Guerlain.  Woo-ooww!

And here are some swatches to give you an idea:

Murakami x Shu Uemura 6HP Enchanted Black palette swatches

The colors are all well pigmented, and the glitter come through easily (unlike some others that need to be dabbed on to hold).  For some reason my mind went blank after my initial swatch of the black shade so the order here is kinda cuckoo-ed.

From right to left of the swatches above:

With a palette like this, I am all set for the party season!  But I couldn’t quite wait til then to dip in, so I challenged myself to make the Enchanted Black Palette work for daytime!

Murakami x Shu Uemura 6HP Enchanted Black palette Gold:black EOTD

I used a light wash of the gold all over my lid, and added just a touch of black at the end winging upwards for some definition.

Shu Uemura x Murakami 6HP Enchanted Black palette gold:purple EOTD

For this EOTD, I used gold on the inner half of the lid, and the sparkly purple silk smooth shadow on the outer half of the lid. I then lined both the upper and lower lash lines with the black shade, adding a touch of the light lavender to the inner part of my lower lash line.

Shu Uemura x Murakami 6HP Black Enchanted Palette Green : Black EOTD

I applied a very light wash of gold across the lid, and then added the dark green shade along the lash line, winged it up, and blended. I then used a black liner along my lash line for greater definition.

Shu Uemura x Murakami 6HP Enchanted Black Palette Silver:black EOTD

This is perhaps not as day appropriate as I’d like, but hey, it was dress-down Friday!! I used the silver on the inner half of my lid, and black on the outer half. The silver turned out far more sparkly than I expected!

I hope this has given you a good sense for the Shu Uemura 6 Hearts Princess Enchanted Black Palette.  This is my 1st Shu palette and i’m impressed with the texture and pigmentation.  The only shortfall is that they only last about 6-7 hours on me before they start to fade and crease.  Not terribly much, but noticeable, and that is even with a primer base.  But at SGD98 for 7 eyeshadows + 1 blush, this is still 1 of the better value-for-money palettes this season!


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