Sampar – Shots of glamour!

November 12, 2012

Thanks to the lovely folks at CozyCot, I was gifted with this generous hamper of Sampar products to review.  It consists of the top 3 best sellers from the chic Parisian skincare brand that was recently launched in Singapore – the highly-lauded Glamour Shot, and it’s latest incarnation Glamour Shot Eyes, and the Equalizing Foam Peel.

I did some research into the brand, and was drawn to their stated ambition of

“awakening the sleeping beauty in every woman, uncovering and revealing her natural allure”.

At the heart of all Sampar products lies the brand’s exclusive Urban Advance, which consists of shea butter serum to protect the skin, mint endorphin to soothe, and probiotic sugar to revitalize.

More importantly, i love the girly pink packaging, and all things French, and couldn’t wait to test the products out!




Winner of Harper’s Bazaar’s 2012 Beauty Awards, Sampar’s Glamour Shot is a transparent skin perfecter that also provides skincare benefits.  The product contains HQA microlens to reduce the appearance of pores, smooth wrinkles and provide a matte finish.  It also has oat extract to provide a lifting effect; encapsulated hyaluronic acid to improve skin density and fill in wrinkles; and of course, the Urban Advance complex.

Glamour Shot is meant to be used over your daily moisturizer to provide a natural, flawless finish.  It may also be used under powder foundation if desired.  However, be sure to wait for Glamour Shot to be completely dry before applying.  Unfortunately, this product does not work with liquid and cream foundations, and will result in streaking.

As you can see from the swatches above, Glamour Shot lightened and evened out my skin tone, reduced pores and gave an overall matte finish.  This would be useful for days when I’m mostly home, and need something just to even out my skin tone and minimize shine without the heaviness of foundation.  However, for days when my skin is less than perfect, I will still have to reach for that BB cream or sheer foundation.


This is my FAVORITE of all the Sampar products that i’ve tried so far!!!  It comes with a wand applicator that you can dab directly onto your under eye area.  I then tap it all over with my ring finger until the product is absorbed.  And instantly, my dark circles are lightened and my eyes look less puffy!

I use this almost daily now, as an under eye concealer, and I also carry a mini in my purse for touchups when i’m out!


I received a deluxe travel size consisting of 15ml (full sie is 50ml).  This is part of Sampar’s Essentials line, and is a 3-in-1 mask, peel and cleanser.  It contains probiotic enzymes to naturally exfoliate, regenerating the epidermal layer and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.  There are also essential oils (lavender, sage, thyme, geranium, savory) to soothe, balance and free fatigued skin of toxins.

And of course, the Urban Advance Complex.

Unfortunately for me, my skin generally does not react well to products containing essential oils, and this stung a little upon application on the more sensitive parts of my face.  Notwithstanding, I did like the fact that it is a grain-less exfoliator unlike most of the scrubs out there.  It was also a breeze to use and does not require too much time – leave on face for 2 minutes, then work into lather with some water, and finally rinse off.  I’m sure this will be a major fav for those lucky girls whose skin is not as finicky as mine!

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