Rouge Bunny Rouge Winter Sale madness! When Birds are Singing…

January 27, 2014

Good Monday!  I’ve been running on 3-4 hours’ sleep lately, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet… Rouge Bunny Rouge is having an amazing 40% off Winter Sale on selected items on their site!  Ok, this announcement is selfishly late, because I already received my haul last week.  And am here to flaunt it!

Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing Eyeshadow

There are quite a number of different items on sale, but I wanted to focus on their eyeshadows this round, and picked up 4 singles from their When Birds are Singing collection.  These powder eyeshadows are formulated to be lightweight, creamy in texture, and long lasting.  Having experienced them for myself, I must agree that these RBR eyeshadows all felt amazing to the touch, and have beautiful color intensity.

Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds Are Singing Eyeshadow swatches

RBR paints such a magical picture with the color descriptions that it would be churlish if I didn’t reproduce them here (and save myself some brain work).  The swatches, from left to right, are:

It seems mint green is en vogue this spring, and I’ve found all its representations in this season’s palettes to be lacking.  So, I am excited to have picked up Resplendent Quetzal, which is a really lovely neutral mint green.  It is just the right delicate shade to be used either as a gentle wash on the lids, or blended over something else.  It pairs beautifully with Bejewelled Skylark, which interestingly looks more red in the pan but turns into a warm chocolate brown on me.  I have found it possible to lessen the intensity somewhat for a gentler impression that is not full-on smoke, which feels more spring-appropriate.  Mysterious Tinamou surprised me as I had originally wanted the lighter Mountain Bluebird but by some twist of fate, ordered this instead.  This is some kind of “dirty” blue which really does resemble a wild duck’s plumage (or a peacock feather), and I think it works best used as a liner shade to wing out from the middle of the lids, a placement that I’ve been favoring lately.  The greatest surprise yet came in the form of Electrifying Storm-petrel, which comes across almost purple-ish on me.  The best way I would describe it is metallic dove grey.

Perhaps when I have caught up on sleep I will post some EOTDs here.  But, having worn Resplendent Quetzal and Bejewelled Skylark out together, I am a little miffed by the longevity of these.  Granted my oily lids, and hooded double folds be damned; but even with my hummer of a primer aka Tom Ford, I found these shades fade and crease after 7-8 hours.

At their usual price of $27.45 for 2.4gm of product each, these Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds are Singing eyeshadows are not the cheapest (but not bank busting like Chanel duos – recently reviewed here).  But with the current 40% off and greatly discounted EUR5 international shipping (for orders exceeding EUR75), it doesn’t hurt to pick some up just to see what’s the big hoot!  The colors are gorgeous!!

PS: Just a slight whinging here… but I’m not a terrible fan of the RBR packaging.  My Electrifying Storm-petrel fell out of its pan when I opened it… quite electrifying indeed!


2 responses to “Rouge Bunny Rouge Winter Sale madness! When Birds are Singing…”

  1. Selphia T says:

    I don’t like how they sell smaller pans(2g) for same price as larger pans (2.4g). They state the size if you expand the “read more” description for each colour. My favourite shade is fire tailed sunbird 🙂 My lids are hooded too and I find these shadows only work layered on top of chanel illusion d’ombre+ primer or just nxy hd eye primer.

    • silverkis says:

      Oh you’re right!! I didn’t notice how different shades from the same range come in different sizes! Tbh, i’m not fond of the packaging, and my initial reaction to the pricing was – that’s not cheap. The only draw for me are the amazing colors, but it really does take alot of work to stay.

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