Playing with Colours! Urban Decay Vice4

October 26, 2016

Hope you’re enjoying the posts that have been coming your way so far…  I’m still traipsing around somewhere Down Under with the fam… join me over on Instagram [handle @silverkis] to follow me on my journey.  I seem to have lost track of the number of Urban Decay Vice launches over the years, and only got around to playing with the Vice4 palette recently.  It unleashed the inner child in me, and I thought I’d share some swatches and pictures here for posterity!  Not going to ramble on… just lots of photos… hope you enjoy!

Urban Decay Vice4 eyeshadow palette

Always love the design of the Urban Decay Vice palettes [such as this one here], but there’s something about the psychedelic hues of this Vice4 that caught my eye…

Urban Decay Vice4 eyeshadow palette

And a quick peek inside had me going wowza!

Urban Decay Vice4 eyeshadow palette

Row-by-row swatches, working from the top to the bottom of the palette…





As always, the colour pigments are electrifying, and the shimmers get my heart racing!  Most of the shades are soft to the touch and nicely pigmented, but there were a few that felt a little bit sheer, though nothing an eyeshadow primer couldn’t fix.

So here is my attempt at incorporating 5-6 shades in 1 single eye look…

Urban Decay Vice4 eotd

And because I couldn’t resist a good BLACK smokey eye….

Urban Decay Vice4 eotd

On hindsight, I wished I had created one of those linear blend of colours, perhaps pink on the inner corner slowly blending into turquoise at the outer corner.  I’ve always wanted to do something dramatic like that… why didn’t I??  Life has been all sorts of hectic lately.  I found out my boss is semi-psycho, we had several full-frontal confrontations in the office, all 5 feet midget me facing off with a 6-7 feet grown man both yelling at the top of our lungs.  It’s toxic and I decided to get out of it.  And then it’s mind games and trying to stay ahead of the self-destructive antics that I knew he would get up to.  I’m starting a new job in November, which I am very excited about, but I know it will take up much more of my time.  For starters, I will have to travel on a regular basis.  The little one is growing up rapidly too, and most of my evenings are spent playing make-believe with him (one of his most often requests is “Mummy, you have to talk too!”).  So, I’m not sure how things will turn out here… I’ll do my best to at least continue through the Holiday 2016 collections.  Instagram is your best bet in terms of getting first look at new products that I can lay my hands on, and I’ll share swatches and first impressions on stories or whatever.  DM or email me if there’s anything that catches your eye, and I will do my very best to get a decent review up here as soon as I can!  Have a fabulous October, and love you lots!!

xo Linda

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  1. Deslé says:

    Urban Decay Vice palettes are always stunning. I adore the shades in this one. They look great on your eyes too. And packaging is 10 out of 10 again!

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