Beautybox 2.0: Nylon x Vanitytrove

July 22, 2013

It’s been awhile since I reviewed any beauty boxes, I just hadn’t been feeling it lately.  But there’s been a change brewing in the air lately, and for better or worse, we are now in beauty subscription service version 2.0.

As you all may have heard, Vanitytrove has recently made the switch from a fixed, curated mix of beauty items that is sent out monthly, to a self-selected beauty buffet of sorts.  This is power to the consumer in its truest form – you get to choose when you want a trove shipped (everyday if you please!!!), and you get to choose what goes into your trove (that’s what Vanitytrove’s boxes are called)!  It really addresses the needs of people who have been receiving tones of stuff that they don’t need (seriously, who needs that 3rd bottle of vagina wash?!) and/or stuff that aren’t suitable (wrong skin types / color shades / etc etc).

Great, I get it!  I embrace it even!

But here is my problem.  I like having a surprise.  I like the idea of pushing myself out of my comfort zone a little to explore new brands / products that I wouldn’t buy otherwise.  Like that organic compact powder and that herbal slimming tea.  I don’t necessarily want those same things month after month, nor entire troves of those stuff, but 1-2 thrown into the mix is fun!  I’ve discovered some decent products along the way, and improved my opinion on brands that I’ve been very cynical towards initially, e.g. Dr GL, Skinc, etc.

When it gets down to deciding how I’d like to spend my money, or pick the items to go into my trove, I’d gravitate towards those same items that I already am familiar with.  That’s just how I roll.  I’m just not the sort to pick up that funky looking dessert or creepy raw food in the buffet line.

So, after scrolling through…erm, a modest 2.5 pages of potential samples (with several duplicate listings)… I decided not to pick out a trove this month.  Apparently there were more options to begin with, several full-sized items as well, but I just wasn’t fast enough.  No, I did not want to spend my $25 worth of subscription credits on 8 satchet samples, nor my zillionth bottle of Cetaphil / Vagasil.

But I do need to fill my calendar gap for a beauty box – who can wait til next month??  Not to mention Vanitytrove has converted my remaining 8 months’ subscription into credits, expiring Feb next year.  So, I decided to save my brain cells and vent some frustration on the Nylon x Vanitytrove special edition instead!

Nylon x Vanity Trove

Aaahhh…. This is what a well-curated beauty box should look like!  There is something for everyone, and every aspect of your life!  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Nylon x VT - Biotherm Purefect set

Starting with our glorious visage, Nylon x Vanitytrove contains a deluxe-sized set of Biotherm’s latest Purefect skincare range.  Biotherm is a brand that I recently started exploring, and am somewhat on the fence about, so I’m glad for the opportunity to explore further.  The Purefect range is purrfect for my normal/combination skin, and addresses all my concerns about oily T-zone and enlarged pores.

Nylon x Vanity Trove - makeup

Moving on to makeup goodies… ooh, these deluxe minis made me squeal with excitement!

Nylon x Vanity Trove - skincare

Apart from Biotherm, the Nylon trove also consists of other newly launched skincare goodies!  Talk about choices!

Nylon x Vanity Trove - Redken

No beauty routine is complete with proper haircare!  These generous-sized samples of Redken Smooth Lock shampoo & conditioner are super apt now as I’m seriously contemplating changing up my hair style!  (More on that later!)

Nylon x Vanity Trove - Kerastase

And finally, these 3 Kerastase Elixir are so so precious!  Kerastase is one of the leading brands of professional hair care, whenever my hair needed a boost of life, I’ve always trusted Kerastase.

If I were to distill my personal preferences for a beauty box, it would be pretty much what the Nylon x Vanitytrove looks like – a variety of good brand names, some of the latest launches, and addressing a broad array of beauty needs.  At $35 it is a leap and is unlikely to be sustainable for consumers, but it is a luxurious dream worth aspiring towards.  For those of you who are stuck with loads of credits and don’t know what to do with them, this is certainly worth checking out!

4 responses to “Beautybox 2.0: Nylon x Vanitytrove”

  1. Joanna Koh says:

    I think the trove curated with Nylon was the best so far, great that you chose that!

  2. pikapikh says:

    Babe! You can use the vouchers on the box also! I used up my Kiehl’s one to try their skincare samples. Not bad, I got like 5-6 samples 😀 I also love this nylon x vanity trove box. Super pleased and worth my $35 for sure 😉

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