Travel Light this Summer with Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color, Magnetic Matte Lip Color, Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm, and Sculpting Pencil

June 11, 2017

I have always thought the term “millennial” referred to the teenagers who were born in the early 2000’s, but only just found out the “official” definition starts from the late ’70s or ’80s.  Which made me feel younger than I really am, and much more relevant than I had hoped.  And no brand speaks stronger to the millennial-lifestyle than Nudestix, with their tag line of #gonudebutbetter.  It’s all about effortless makeup – skin-loving colors and fuss-free application, allowing us to get out of the door and on with our lives.  This Summer, I’m clearing out my vanity, and keeping things simple with just a handful of products.  And here are some recent releases from Nudestix you can consider for your next vacation!

Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye & Lip Color, Gel Lip+Cheek Balm, Sculpting Pencil

Nudestix continues to release new formulae and shades for its jumbo eye and lip pencils, and you may have already seen and tried these out for yourself.  I had reviewed some of these last fall [here], and today I’d like to show you a handful of new ones that I recently received and put to the test.

Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye & Lip Color, Gel Lip+Cheek Balm

Nudesix Magnetic Lip Color is an intense version of the Intense Matte Color Lip + Cheek Pencil [reviewed here].  There are 8 pigmented shades, each formulated to be extremely long lasting.  The shade that I have here is Vino, which is a deep wine red.  It goes on smoothly, although with all lip colors of such deep hues and intensity, I need to be extra careful to fill in the gaps in my lip lines.  The intensity actually builds with additional layers, so Vino is certainly not for the feint-hearted.  The finish is very matte, and it dries down and sets very quickly after application, so if you try to feather it out at the edges with a brush or layer on more in the center for an ombre effect, it doesn’t work well and results in pilling instead.  On the other hand, it has amazing longevity and leaves a nice stain behind.

Taking the matte trend to the eyes, Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color is a convenient item to have around in the purse.  I loved the original Magnetic Eye Color formula [reviewed here], and found these new matte ones to be more pigmented whilst still retaining the easy to glide-on formula.  The shade that I have is Chocolate, which is a medium-dark warm-toned brown with a strong yellow base.  I found it easier to blend out at the edges using a brush than with my finger.  It sets in less than half a minute so you really got to work fast.  When applied intensely like a liner it has decent longevity; but when blended out it does fade after about 6 hours and I also experienced some fall out when used on my lower lash line.  However, it is a quick way to get a smokey eye going, and works well as a darkening base for some of my shimmery mono eye shadows.

Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye & Lip Color, Gel Lip+Cheek Balm swatches

I also tried out the Nudestix Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in the shade Pulse.  This is a really interesting product as it is made up of 30% super-hydrating lip-protecting plant oils derived from rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean.  However, it has a gel-like texture that does not leave the cheeks feeling sticky the way most balms do.  The color is also much more intense and pigmented than traditional balms, even compared with the new generation of pigmented lip balms, this Nudestix rendition trumps them all.  Pulse is lovely, it is one of those shades that will look good on most skin tones.  But it sheers out quickly, so for the cheeks, you may need to either apply more or go with a brighter shade.

Nudestix Sculpting Pencil

Finally, one of the latest products from Nudestix is the dual-ended Sculpting Pencil.  Sculpting and contouring is the quickest and easiest (read pain-free) way to achieve a younger looking face shape, and everybody is doing it these days.  Nudestix offers 4 color combinations, and the one I have here is shade 1.  It comprises of a light beige that is very close to my roughly NC25 skin tone and is good for accentuating cheekbones and brow bones in a subtle way without any shimmers.  The other end is a deeper brown that appears quite red and dark at first swatch but blends out super easily with a brush or fingers for contouring.  I love that it applies and blend like a cream, but dries down to a powder finish and sets.

Nudestix Light-Medium Sculpting Pencil swatches

I was surprised by how easily I could create an entire makeup looking using these 4 pencils, and the best part was they all fit snugly in 1 of the tin Nudestix boxes!  Packing for a weekend trip or short summer getaway does not get easier than this!

And before I go off into the sun, here is a makeup look featuring all the items discussed here today:

Nudestix summer makeup look

Have you tried anything from Nudestix before?

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

3 responses to “Travel Light this Summer with Nudestix Magnetic Matte Eye Color, Magnetic Matte Lip Color, Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm, and Sculpting Pencil”

  1. Lyna says:

    You look stunning Linda!
    I think I need some Vino in my life!!

    Beauty By Lynmed

  2. I definitely need to check out more from NudeStix as they are such a good brand and have liked all that I have tried so far (mainly the eye pencils). Kelly xx

  3. Janine says:

    I haven’t tried this line. The eyeshadow sticks look great. I love the brown you used on your eyes. I just got into cream blush like a.week ago so I’m probably not ready for those sticks. 😂 But I’d like to try that magnetic shadow if I could avoid fall out. Maybe with eye primer?

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