My Evolvh Hair Treatment Routine

October 6, 2013

Ever since my favorable encounter with Evolvh (read my review on Evolvh’s Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner here), I’ve been a devout Evolvh follower.  So, when the company announced that it was going to launch a new UltraRepair Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque, I placed my advance order, eager to be one of the firsts to try it out.


Evolvh UltraRepair Deep Conditioning Masque is an intensive treatment for hair.  It is loaded with the amino acid Tyrosine, which helps hair retain color, both natural pigment and color that has been deposited with a salon hair color process.  UltraRepair is also rich in raw Lecithin, which has the ability to strengthen hair, making it more elastic, resisting breakage and splitting, and also serves as the ideal transport for Tyrosine to enter the hair.

After several rounds of perming-rebonding-perming-bleaching and of course regular dyeing, my hair is severely damaged and dry.  I don’t really have time for regular treatments at the salon, so a treatment masque is a necessity for me, and I have taken to using it in place of a conditioner.

UltraRepair had a lovely natural fragrance, a complex citrus scent with hints of vanilla cream, fondly termed “creamsickle”.  It also had a strong nutty scent, from the raw Lecithin.  The texture was thicker than the conditioner, but felt markedly thinner once applied on my hair than most other commercial hair masks.  This also made it a breeze to rinse off, and did not weigh my hair down afterwards.

The reason it took me so long to review this, was because my hair was so badly damaged that I did not quite see a dramatic transformation.  I wanted to give it several more tries, comparing against my regular Kerastase Masque Chroma Riche.  Kerastase felt silkier to apply, but that is likely a result of silicones which is blessedly absent in UltraRepair.  With daily use, my hair felt felt lighter than it did after an extended period of Kerastase.

In order to average down the international shipping cost, I also ordered the Evolvh StartSmart Leave-in Conditioner.

evolvh startsmart conditioner

I’m constantly on the lookout for some sort of leave-in hair treatments, serums or oils, you name it, I’ve tried it all.  But StartSmart is uniquely different in that it is a hair spray, and a watery one at that.  StartSmart contains raw Lecithin (just like UltraRepair above); Rice bran and cumin seed oil provide heat and UV protection; Bergamont fruit oil turns curls into soft ringlets while pumpkin seed oil eliminates frizz.

I’ve tried spritzing this on after washing in lieu of any serums or leave-in treatment, and to be honest, I did not quite see the same hair smoothing and detangling benefits as my beloved Jose Maran Argan Hair serum.

Where this excelled, I think, was as a pre-styling prep.  Ever since I chopped off my hair to shoulder length, I would run a flat iron through my ends each morning to get them uniformly straight with a slight curl inwards (as opposed to their natural tendency to stick out every which way).  I had hated the feeling of most other styling preps which either felt oily or sticky.  I loved that StartSmart came in a convenient spritz bottle which I can get into my hair easily and quickly.  And it smells amazing too (it had the same creamsickle & nutty scents as UltraRepair)!

Because I experienced some hiccups in getting my order filled correctly initially (which they very nicely sorted out for me eventually), Boris very kindly sent me a complimentary bottle of Evolvh SuperFinish Polishing Balm.

evolvh superfinish polishing balm

This is my FAVORITE Evolvh product!!!  When I first squeezed it out of the bottle, I was apprehensive as it felt thick on my hands, almost the texture of a conditioner.  However, when applied on my hair, it miraculously disappears, and leaves me hair looking smooth, shiny, and bouncy!  I apply a small dollop of it before flat-ironing (after StartSmart), and it looks like I just had a long blowout session at the salon!  I finish off by running another tiny dollop through my hair afterwards, and it stays frizz-free for the rest of the day!

All of Evolvh’s products are formulated without sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride, to ensure healthy and beautiful hair.  I now use StartSmart and SuperFinish on a daily basis, and these have earned a permanent spot in my beauty arsenal.  Personally, I found UltraRepair to be a little too light weight for my severely damaged hair, it is certainly no substitute for regular treatment sessions at the salon.  However, it is great for more regular use as it does not weigh down the hair and is a breeze to rinse off.  Unfortunately, Evolvh does not yet ship to Singapore directly, so if you need any help getting your hands on it, feel free to give me a shout.


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