Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc Lip Gel Voila! (120)

August 28, 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty released a collection of 16 lipsticks under its LoveMarc Lip Gel range, which is permanent and has a diverse range of shades from nudes to brilliant purple.   It is described as a color-saturated, long-wearing, gellified lipstick with a sleek shine finish.

Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc Lip Gel Viola

Encased in the signature Marc Jacobs Beauty sleek black lacquered packaging, the LoveMarc Lip Gels snap firmly shut with a magnetic closure.  The lipstick itself is a little rounder on the tip than typical lipsticks, somewhat resembling lip balms and making it just a little bit more challenging for me to get to the inner corners of my mouth (yes, I’m a creature of habit!).  Thank God there is still the slanted flattened bit else I probably wouldn’t know how to apply this at all!  Terrible, I know.

And I’m so incredibly happy that stupid as I am, I managed to swipe this on my lips, because the instant I wore it, it became my FAVORITE lipstick of all time!  Just like that!  Crazy I know, how can a lipstick be that fantastic??  But it is!

The “gellified” formula swipes on so smoothly it puts every other lip product out there to shame.  Instead of leaving a buttery texture, LoveMarc Lip Gel feels much thinner and lighter on the lips.  It feels hydrating on, and doesn’t dry out my lips.  LoveMarc Lip Gel goes on with a gorgeous shine and makes my lips look slightly plumper without the tingling sensation that accompanies most lip plumping products.  It is also amazingly pigmented, and stays put for hours!

Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc Lip Gel Viola swatch

Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc Lip Gel in Voila! (120) is described as a magenta red, and looks a medium pink with a tinge of red on me.  I’m insanely in luuurve with this color!  If there is one product that you absolutely gotta try from Marc Jacobs Beauty, please let it be LoveMarc Lip Gel in Voila!  I hadn’t had a chance to try the rest of the Lip Gels, so I can’t speak for the entire range, but Voila! is the lipstick of my dream…   Who ever came up with gellified lipstick?!  Brilliant!


7 responses to “Marc Jacobs Beauty LoveMarc Lip Gel Voila! (120)”

  1. peixuan says:

    it looks really gorgeous on you!! I hope Marc Jacobs Beauty comes to singapore soooooon 🙁

    • silverkis says:

      Thank you dear! I LOVE this Viola! lip gel! Yes, i do so hope they bring MJ to sg soon!!!! There are so many things i want to try, but it’s just too risky over the internet! At least, thank God for blogs! 😉

  2. Desert heels says:

    I am patiently waiting for Marc Jacobs Beauty to hit the stores here in the MidEast. It must be worth all the buzz!

  3. arabcentric says:

    The packaging is beautiful !!!

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