Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 The Rebel (106)

August 27, 2013

This year on August 9, marked the launch of fashion genius Marc Jacobs’ eponymous makeup collection. With a power-packed 120 piece line-up, this Marc Jacobs Beauty is a full extravaganza for the beauty maven. The collection (sold exclusively at Sephora and select Marc Jacobs boutiques for now) comprises of nail polish, gel foundations, eye shadow compacts, concealers, blushes, bronzers, lip gels, eye liners, mascaras, lip glosses, etc etc!!! It is almost an understatement to say there is something for everyone!

“I think the idea of transforming into this person you want to be is a lot of fun” – Marc Jacobs

I spent the days leading up to the launch digesting the catalogue from front to back, and back to front again. Without being able to see the products in person, I tried to distil my selections down to items that were safe-yet-fun, and hopefully enough variety to get a feel for the collection as a whole. I was itching to pick up a base product, not only because foundies as a category are my poison, but the new gel technology just screamed my name. But it was really impossible to pick a shade from the tiny color squares on my screen, so I had to skip that (for now). My haul consisted of an eye shadow compact, lipstick, lip gloss, and a nail polish. I will be reviewing each of these individually over the next few days. For today, I will be focusing on Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 – The Rebel (106).

Marc Jacobs Eyecon No.3

True to his design aesthetic, Marc Jacobs had packaged each item in clean black and white glossy boxes. The eye palettes come in sleek black shiny compacts that snap open by pressing on a silver push-knob. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was well made, and did not feel cheap in my hands. Instead of the typical velvet sleeve, Marc Jacobs had designed a flap pouch that stays close with a stud button. There is also a sponge-tipped applicator (just the 1) included in the pouch (there is no space within the palette to hold it) which seemed kind of a lame after thought to me. Since I almost never use the applicators thrown in my palettes anyway, it didn’t bug me so much, an am rather grateful for a sleeker compact instead.

Marc Jacobs Eyecon No. 3

Marc Jacobs Beauty has 2 types of eye palettes – a petite trio called Style Eye-Con No. 3 (currently available in 6 colour combinations), and a larger 7-piece called Style Eye-Con No. 7 (currently available in 4 colour combinations). I had the most difficulty with this (too many options!!!), but eventually settled on Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 The Rebel (106).

Marc Jacobs Eyecon No.3 The Rebel

The Rebel contains a frosty eggshell, a matte eggplant, and a shimmery fuchsia. Ohh… how I love the fuchsia!!! I was initially worried it would be too pink (because, you know, I just don’t do pink on my lids)… but there is just enough hint of purple in this that makes it really pop (and you all know how I totally heart purple this season)! And I mean, wow!… one sweep of this on my inner lids and bam!… incredible campaign-poster-worthy eyes! The frosty eggshall shade was the creamiest of the trio, was smooth and a breeze to blend.  It was incredibly close to my skintone so it works very well as a highlighter.  I did have some problems with the eggplant shade though, I found it to be somewhat dry and required some work to build up intensity. I would recommend using a stiff, dense brush and work in small strokes to pack it in.

Marc Jacobs Eyecon No. 3 The Rebel swatches

I had the chance to play with The Rebel over the weekend, and here is my EOTD combining all 3 shades:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 - The Rebel - EOTD


Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 - The Rebel - EOTD

Personally, I think Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 The Rebel (106) is a lot of fun, and can be used in many different ways. It is very on trend for Fall 2013, which is emphasizing bold colours on the eyes. I do wish the eggplant shade is more pigmented and easier to apply, and given my love for the fuchsia, I wished the palette packed the same quantity for all 3 shades. At USD42, it is certainly on the luxury end of the market, but not the most expensive of them all.


7 responses to “Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No. 3 The Rebel (106)”

  1. memoiselle says:

    I love the packaging babe! and that dark purple looks beautiful in your EOTD. Yay once again for you to be able to grab this 😀

    • silverkis says:

      Yes, i love the packaging too!! Was worried the plastic would feel *cheap* but it’s actually quite sturdy! The eggplant shade is quite popular it seems… but i’m more into the fuchsia shade!

  2. Joanna Koh says:

    I don’t really dig the palette design nor the tri-colour mix, but I guess I’ll have to try out the textures before I get to judge it 😛

    • silverkis says:

      Hey Joanna, hmm…. then this is probably not your thing. The textures vary quite a bit between shades and palettes. For this price point, there are better! But there are many more color combinations to choose from, maybe you’ll see something else that you like!

  3. theunicahija says:

    The purple one looks so nice, but the whole palette is amazing!

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