Marc Jacobs The Showstopper set

December 21, 2013

It’s the weekend before Christmas, I hope you are done shopping for gifts, and are kicking back to relax before all the party mayhem starts.  I have just 1 more Holiday 2013 offering to review, and then I’m all done for the year *yay*!

Marc Jacobs Beauty is the beauty industry’s best baby of the year that was launched in the middle of this year, and to celebrate it’s very first Christmas, it has prepared The Showstopper set which was exclusive to Sephora.  I grabbed, had it shipped, along with a trawler load of other stuff in the last VIB 20% sale.

The Showstopper set was thus named, as it consists of some of Marc Jacobs’ star products such as the Magic Marc’er in Blacquer, and a couple of limited edition items exclusive to this set!

The piece de resistance, was the Eye-con 3 in The Star.  Very unfortunately, mine arrived smashed up!  I tried my darnest to put it back, but sadly, it’ll never look the way it should.  This is the reason why I had delayed this post for so long.

Marc Jacobs The Showstopper palette

If you can get past the sorry state of the gold shade, Eye-con 3 The Star is actually quite a stunner.  I know black & gold is an overdone combination, but honestly, no girl can live without at least 1 such palette in her beauty arsenal!  Unlike Givenchy’s Ondulations D’or which I reviewed a couple of days ago (read here), the shades in The Star are all incredibly pigmented and intense in just a single swipe.

Marc Jacobs The Showstopper palette swatches

The 3 shades, from left to right, are:

Even after being smashed and battered back again, all 3 shades in The Star are incredibly soft and creamy to the touch, making this one of the better Eye-con 3 palettes under the Marc Jacobs Beauty line.

The other limited edition item exclusive to The Showstopper is the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Kiss This.

Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Kiss This

Kiss This is a cool-toned red with a strong blue note such that it comes across almost as fuchsia.  It is a sheer formula which is ideally worn over a colored base, and has some iridescent flecks in it.  As with the rest of the Lust for Lacquers, this has a gel-like texture and leaves the lips feeling minty.  The applicator itself is straight instead of angled like most other lip glosses, but it has some flex to it to enable you to get around the contours better.

Also included in the set is the famous Magic Marc’er Precision Pen in Blacquer.  This is a pen-tipped liquid eyeliner with an intense black formula that stays on all day even on my oily lids.  It is fairly stiff that it allows sufficient control for drawing fine lines, but personally I have used better (and cheaper).

Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er in Blacquer

To complete the eye look, The Showstopper set has included the Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara.  This is supposedly of a revolutionary formula in a triangular brush to create glossy lashes.  Unfortunately on my stiff, down-ward poking lashes, this does pretty much nothing for me.

Marc Jacobs Lash Lifter Gel mascara

There is also a mini Honey Eau de Parfum rollerball which seems to have magically disappeared so I couldn’t get a picture here for you.  I’ll be sure to post it up once it resurfaces again.

All these are housed in a roomy black patent cosmetic pouch, with a clever little back pocket that contains a reflective square metal which is supposed to double up as a mirror / bag tag.

Marc Jacobs The Showstopper set

And here is a final LOTD using all the products in The Showstopper set.

Marc Jacobs The Showstopper LOTD

And a closer look at the eye:

Marc Jacobs The Showstopper EOTD

Eye-con No.3 The Star on lids – champagne on inner corner of eye, gold in the middle, and black in outer corner. Magic Marc’er in Blacquer along lash line. Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara on lashes.

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  1. Shari says:

    Super holiday feel, this palette gives off!
    EFFF, you look stunning, Linda!! I swear, everything suits you! :’)

  2. Memoiselle says:

    This set is very Christmas appropriate babe!
    Loving that red lip gloss on you!

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