Make Up Store Winter Collection

January 19, 2018

Spring collections are popping up everywhere, but with the weather this cold and skies so grey, it does not feel so much as escapism as embracing the present to continue rocking Winter makeup.  Especially when it is as extensive and wide-ranging as Make Up Store’s collection.

Make Up Store Winter 2017 Collection

For those who are not familiar, Make Up Store is a Swedish brand that was originally designed for artists in makeup academy, the products are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and allergy-free.  Unlike most brands that turn out 1 collection each season with a specific look in mind, Make Up Store designs as many as 3 different looks each time, and adds selective pieces to the existing lineup to help create those looks.


For Winter 2017 the Shade Red prevails, pulsating under the fragility of winter complexions.


Smoky eyes always get me, and Make Up Store’s pairing with nude matte lips form the look Helix, inspired by Art Nouveau hues and textures.


Finally, the neutral lover will enjoy Grace’s fresh complexion enhanced with easy-to-wear shades.

I have been enjoying the various pieces of the collection lately, and would like to share them with you today.

Make Up Store Shade Collection Red for Winter 2017

Red is having a big moment, and Make Up Store’s take veers towards purple, which is much more wearable in my opinion. Beautiful packaging aside, the Shade Red Velvet Trio is a multi-functional palette designed for the cheeks, but just as stable for the eyes.  It features a warm-toned maroon red with a matte finish, a metallic pink with a golden sheen and a pale silvery pink highlighter.

Make Up Store Shade Collection Red Velvet Trio swatches

Regardless of the look you are going for, gleaming cheekbones is everything, and there are 2 to choose from.

Make Up Store Tri Gleam for Winter 2017

Make Up Store Tri Glam comes in a limited edition rose gold case and contains 3 different shades of powder highlighter.  There is a matte ivory powder that helps to sculpt without shimmers getting in the way; a choice of pale golden shimmer with a semi-sheer base that can be layered with the matte powder, and an opaque metallic champagne.

Make Up Store Tri Gleam & Gleam Dream swatches

There is also Gleam Dream which is a cream-to-powder compact that is available in 3 shades.  The one I have is the shade Rose, which is more of a pale gold, almost platinum.  The texture is incredibly smooth, and the sheen is not overly obvious, so you can buff it into the skin for a healthy gleam.  I like to layer highlighters of different textures so they last longer.

For the eyes, there are a couple of new Microshadows, which are eyeshadow singles in a generous-sized pan.  From all that I’ve tried so far, I found these Make Up Store Microshadows to be well-pigmented, easy to blend and very long-lasting.

I have seen many taupes and nude browns, but Brown Aloe is a surprisingly gorgeous one that I’ve grown addicted to.  Maroon is perhaps my favourite red shade to date, and it is surprisingly wearable even on a daily basis.

Make Up Store Eyedust for Winter 2017

In addition to the pressed shadows, there are a couple of Eyedust loose pigments that create the most beautiful dimensional smoky eyes.  Generally pigments should be worn over a binding agent, though I have been wearing them over my usual eyeshadow primer and I did not experience fallouts.

Make Up Store Winter 2017 Eyedust & Glitter Eyeliner swatches

In case you do not have enough bling, one of the best way to inject some fun into your daily makeup routine is to drop in some shimmery eyeliner.  And Make Up Store’s Glitter Eyeliner in Diamond comes with a fine brush tip, filled with multi-coloured micro-glitter in a translucent base so it can be used with anything.

Make Up Store lipsticks for Winter 2017

Finally, for the lips, choose from X-matte or Glossy Lipsticks.  The X-mattes are actually a very comfortable creamy matte that does not dry out my lips.  Misty Rose is beautiful daily-wearable shade.  I was surprised by how opaque and intense the Lip Gloss Deluxe in St. Tropez is.  The Lip Gloss Gelato is also a wonderfully pigmented balm that keeps my lips soft and hydrated.

Make Up Store Winter 2017 lip color swatches

I took the items on my own little spin, and created this look for you:

Make Up Store Winter 2017 makeup look

I used all 4 microshadows on my eyes, complete with the glitter eyeliner.  On the cheeks, I’m wearing the Shade Red Velvet Trio, and pressed Gleam Dream onto my cheek bones and nose ridge.  For the lips, I applied St Tropez Lip Gloss Deluxe over a pencil liner and then blotted it down for enhanced longevity.

Make Up Store Winter 2017 eotd

Here is a closeup on the eye makeup look.  I first applied Maroon to the middle of my lid, keeping close to my lash line.  Then, I added Brown Aloe to the inner third of my lid, and Savannah on the outer third, blending into the crease.  I used Fresco to blend out the rest of the crease and under the brown bone.  To finish, I used a spot of black liquid liner on my upper lash line, winging outwards, followed by the Diamond Glitter Eyeliner on top.  I also used a bit of Diamond Glitter Eyeliner on my lower lash line.

I’ve only just started exploring Make Up Store products recently, and have really enjoyed using all of the pieces shown here today.  The quality is truly top-notch, so I highly recommend you check them out for yourself too!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    Ah, it’s a brand I haven’t explored either! I don’t think my local Sephora carries this, but I think the ones in KL do. I’ll have to check them out the next time I’m in KL 🙂

  2. Alison says:

    Gorgeous collection. Love your eye look with the deep red lip!

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