Summer Glowin’ with Make Up Store

July 16, 2018

Make Up Store produces makeup that looks good for the every day woman, and does not play by conventional seasonal trends.  The latest collection features 3 different looks, including of course a bronzed, sun-kissed siren.  For the romantic, there are beautiful pieces to create a flirty and airy look.  There are also a couple of edgier items for those who wish to exercise their creative freedom.

Make Up Store Summer 2018 selections

The one piece that drew my attention to right away is the Turtle Bronzing Powder, so named for the tortoise-shell print on the cover.  The powder itself bears a unique 3-dimensional design that is reminiscent of actual turtle shells.  I was surprised by how intense and pigmented the powder is, it applies as smoothly as cream and leaves a warm shine on the skin.  A little goes a long way, and I recommend you gently press a loose brush over the surface rather than sweeping across the entire pan, for a natural airy finish.  You can also apply this on the lids for a bronzed colour.

Make Up Store Bronzing Powder Turtle

There are also a couple of new blushes that will get those cheek bones sculpted and glowing.  Make Up Store has 2 blush formulas – the regular blush and a swirled marble blush.  In my opinion, there’s no discernable difference between them 2, both are finely milled, so smooth they are almost creamy, and stay on well.  I’m particularly fond of the Marble Blush in Rosso Francia, which gives that natural sculpted look.  It pairs beautifully with Blush in Complex, which is a milky pink that wears well on the apples of the cheeks.

Here are arm swatches of the blushes and Turtle Bronzing Powder:

Make Up Store cheek swatches

For the eyes, there are several stunning options.  From deep graphite microshadows to gorgeous marbled hues and unique speckled moonshadows.  All are incredibly fine, nicely pigmented and apply like a dream.  The Make Up Store Moonshadow comes in a larger pan (similar size to the blushes) and the colour is customizable depending on where you decide to dip your brush.

Make Up Store Moonshadow

Here are arm swatches of a few pieces from this season’s looks:

Make Up Store eyeshadow swatches

The Eyedust in Gold Glimmer is an multi-functional loose golden powder that works well on the eyes to add shimmer; and may also be used selectively on parts of the face as highlighter.  Make Up Store offers a Blend & Fix cream that may be used to adhere the Eyedust.  And to tie it all together, you can try the Liquid Eyeliner Pen, which features a fine brush tip with a nice flick.

Make Up Store eyeliner & eyedust gold glimmer swatches

Make Up Store has decided to go with matte lips this season, and offers 3 new X-Matte Lipstick shades.  They all come with the brand’s signature alligator-skin embossing on the sides.  The X-Matte Lipstick formula is creamy and leave a soft satin finish on the lips.

Make Up Store blush

Here are the arm swatches:

Make Up Store X-matte Lipstick swatches

Putting the pieces together, I wore this look out for high tea with my mom on my birthday recently:

Make Up Store Summer 2018 makeup look

For the eyes, I first dusted Moonshadow Mahogny over the inner 3/4 of the lids, followed by Microshadow in Jade on the outer corner.  Then I patted on Marble Microshadow in Romance on the center of the lid, followed by a dash of Eyedust in Gold Glimmer on the inner corner.  I lined the upper lash line with the Liquid Eyeliner Pen in black and finished with my own mascara.

On the cheeks, I swept Marble Blush Rosso Francia along my cheekbones, and added a pop of Blush Complex on the apples.  I also gently dusted Bronzing Powder in Turtle along the sides of my face just to sculpt.  Finally, I wore a combination of X-Matte Lipstick in Blossom and dabbed Eldorado in the centre of my lips to create an ombre effect.

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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