Make Up Store Turns Up the Heat for Summer 2017 with 12 Shades of Pink Palette

September 1, 2017

I have tried a few things from Make Up Store before, but never in a significant way that made me stop and fully pay attention.  And so, I was really touched by the thoughtfulness of the lovely people at Make Up Store Singapore, when they invited me down for a small group private makeup demonstration.  I had the opportunity to watch their makeup artist work with the products up close, and even play with them myself.  What impressed me the most, is how value for money the products are – everything that I tried out is well pigmented and refined in quality on par with other high end brands, and come in larger quantities at lower price points than most of their peers.  Today, I’d like to show you a handful of color makeup from their Summer 2017 collection.

Make Up Store Summer 2017 Makeup

First of all, I apologise if this post seems dated now that we are well on our way to the fall season.  I actually received these about a month ago, but work has seriously gotten in the way of life.  These are still available on (unaffiliated link), so hopefully you will still find the swatches and discussions below helpful.

Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette

I am always drawn to eyeshadow palettes, and this Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette caught my eye not least of all due to its stunning metallic pink packaging.  It also packs 12 shades, each a generous 2gm (totalling 24gm).  I love how the palette has been thoughtfully laid out as 4 sets of trios, each comprising of a complementary base/highlight – main color – dark liner, taking the guessing game out of creating an eye look.

The shades on the top row of the palette are lighter in intensity, and is thus suitable for daytime use or a my-eye-but-better look.

Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette - top row swatches

The bottom row is a little more colorful and fun, thereby extending the range of this palette.

Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette - bottom row swatches

I am particularly taken with the bottom right trio of colors, and have created a sample eye look here for your reference:

Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette EOTD

For this eye look, I started with the 3rd shade from the left on the top row as a base to create a sort of tulip placement.  Thereafter, I layered the 2nd shade from the right on the bottom row onto the middle of the lid, and darkened the outer third with the right most shade on the bottom.  I brought this shade down and used it as a liner along my lower lash line to define the eyes.  Finally I patted the light shimmery pink 3rd shade from bottom right onto the center of my lid to make the burgundy pop, and also dabbed the shimmery pink on the inner corner to wake up the eyes.

Here is the full look in context:

Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette makeup look

I’m not usually a fan of big eyeshadow palettes, but this Make Up Store 12 Shades of Pink Palette has been surprisingly fun and has secured a special spot in my collections.  All 12 shades are beautifully pigmented, and easy to blend and apply.  There is not a single dud here, which is a sign of how well made this palette is.  I love the good range of intensities, colors, tones and finishes.  And as already explained above, the arrangement of the shades in trios makes this palette easy to navigate to create 4 different eye looks.

In case you still need some help, or are looking for fresh tips to elevate your makeup game, consider heading into a Make Up Store boutique and get a private consultation from their makeup artists.  Or gather some girlfriends and book yourselves a private small group workshop.  Fees paid are redeemable for Make Up Store products!

This post featured a product that was generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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