Lunasol Summer 2016: Sheer Light Gloss & Shining Clear Eyes

June 22, 2016

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Part 1 of my coverage on Lunasol’s Summer 2016 collection [here].  I am really excited about the blue Ocean Lagoon palette as it is not often that an all-blue palette comes about that is both gorgeous to admire and completely effortless to apply.  But I understand that not everybody can pull off blues, nor want to spend the extra minutes blending eyeshadow when you can be out there enjoying your vacation.  For those of you looking to hit the beach au naturale, consider dropping 1 or 2 Lunasol Shining Clear Eyes and Sheer Light Gloss in your bag on your way out!

Lunasol Sheer Light Gloss & Shining Clear Eyes from Summer 2016

I know many brands are launching mega collections of lipsticks lately, but somehow Summer just does not seem like the right season for me.  When your lips are feeling a little bit parched and worse for wear from being out in the sun; or you’re vacationing and don’t really want to care about your lip color going awry; a good lip gloss can be your secret weapon.  I must confess though, I’ve never been much of a gloss girl because they tend to be rather ephemeral.  But lately, I’ve been ditching my lipsticks for these Lunasol Sheer Light Gloss!

Lunasol Sheer Light Gloss for Summer 2016

So many brands claim their lip glosses are non-sticky, but none comes close to Lunasol’s!  These new Sheer Light Glosses feature Rosehip, Avocado, Olive, Jojoba and Macadamia Nut Oil to nourish and pamper.  The texture is incredibly fine, spectacularly smooth and lightweight.  I personally think of them as tinted lip oils rather than lip glosses.  And despite being billed as “Sheer”, these hold enough pigment to coat the lips with succulent colour.  As you may imagine with a product such as this, it is not particularly long-lasting but wears away with the slightest sip or bite.  However, it does leave behind a faint tint after it’s completely worn off.

There are 6 shades and I have 3 shades here to show you today.

Lunasol Sheer Light Gloss & Shining Clear Eyes swatches

I generally find glosses (perhaps due to their sheerer nature) to differ substantially from swatch to lip, so here are some notes on how these 3 fare on me:

Lunasol Shining Clear Eyes EX01 Shining Pink for Summer 2016

In the same spirit of casual cool, there are also 2 limited edition Lunasol Shining Clear Eyes.  The one I have here is EX01 Shining Pink, which as you can see from the swatch above, is a light pink with soft multicoloured shimmers.  The formula is rather thin, and the applicator does not work well for blending.  When I try to blend with either brush or finger, it sheers out so much all you are left with is a faint hint of colour and some shimmers.  It works well as a base to layer another powder eyeshadow over, and also if all you want is a natural bright-eyed look.

Lunasol Shining Clear Eyes ex01 eotd

I struggled a little bit with this one, because it takes a bit of time to dry, and in the meantime it settles into my eye fold and fine lines.  If I keep tapping at it, the just keeps on sheering out.  Also, if you try to reapply more layers after the first has dried, it seems to dissolve away the previous layers, leaving bald patches.

In any case, here is a complete makeup look featuring Shining Clear Eyes EX01 and Sheer Light Gloss 01.

Lunasol Sheer Light Gloss & Shining Clear Eyes MOTD

You have already seen Sheer Light Gloss 04 at work yesterday, but here is the #selfie again just because.

Lunasol Summer 2016 makeup look

I have a couple of nail polishes from the collection that I plan to show you by next week as I first need to get rid of the set of gel polishes I have on first.  Stay tuned, and have a great mid-week!

xo Linda

This post featured products that were kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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