Lunasol The Beige spring collection

March 4, 2019

Lunasol is hitting hard and strong these few months and I’m loving it!  After a rather strong handed fall and winter season last year, the brand is switching things up and going back to the classics with its best loved The Beige line.  If you hadn’t already seen it, there are 2 huge (for any Japanese brand) 10-shade eyeshadow palettes that are the stuff of dreams for all neutral lovers.  And plenty of cheek and lip options too to accompany the look.

Lunasol The Beige collection for spring 2019

Lunasol greets the new year with The Beige Eyes, 2 neutral palettes bearing varying gradations of beige to create a sophisticated and easy-to-wear everyday looks.  This is the first time I’ve seen Lunasol turn out 10-shade palettes like these, so they are definitely something different!  The cases are sleek and the width fit nicely in my hand, providing a good grip while working.  I appreciate the generous mirror inside, as well as a dual-ended brush and sponge applicator.

Lunasol The Beige Eyes for Spring 2019

At first glance, both palettes seem quite similar, and upon swatching I realized that their main difference lies in their undertones – 01 Neutral Beige is slightly cooler in tone, whilst 02 Noble Beige is slightly warmer.  Notwithstanding, I found both the difference to be just marginal and was able to wear both equally well.

Lunasol The Beige Eyes 01 swatches

Lunasol The Beige Eyes 02 swatches

The range of intensities and composition are the same across both 01 and 02.  Both palettes bear 2 pearlescent shimmer shades for highlighting, and 2 dark matte shades for defining.  Everything else in between are mainly satin in finish, and may be worn on their own or blended with the other shades at will.  The formula seems somewhat different from the usual Lunasol eyeshadows, and fall slightly drier and less pigmented than I personally like.  The Beige Eyes 01 in particular is drier than 02, and I had some difficulty getting the darkest shade to apply smoothly.

Lunasol Beige Nuance Eyes & Jewelry Powder

Instead of the large powder palettes, you may choose to pick up 1 or more of these Lunasol Beige Nuance Eyes instead.  These single eyeshadow pots are limited edition, and have a bouncy gel-like texture with a powder finish.  There are 6 shades to choose from, all in varying hues of beige in line with the theme of this collection.  Most of them bear some degree of shimmer, giving the shades added complexity.  Unlike most cream shadows, these do not smudge nor crease on me.

Lunasol Beige Nuance Eyes swatches

With such sheer shades I really need a deep liner to help define my eyes.  Lunasol offers 2 Pencil Eyeliner N this season, both are limited edition and designed to perfectly pair with the eyeshadows here.  I found these pencil eyeliners to be rather stiff though not scratchy, which is perferable to the soft creamy types for tightlining and working along the waterline.  On the other hand, they blend out easily for a seamless look.

There are also 2 individually panned glitter Jewelry Powder which are great as highlighters on the cheeks and eyes.  Choose from a cool silver and a warm gold.  Both have a slightly translucent base, and the glitters are very fine so they don’t show up chunky on the cheeks.

Lunasol Pencil Eyeliner & Jewelry Powder swatches

No makeup collection could be complete with lip colours, and there are 6 limited edition Beige Nuance Lips to choose from.  These are so creamy and buttery I was in heaven.  A single swipe gives full coverage, which is a dream come true.  There is a good range of intensities, though most of them run warm and the only cooler pink tone is much too pale for me.

Lunasol Coloring Sheer Cheeks & Beige Nuance Lips

Here are the arm swatches for your reference:

Lunasol Beige Nuance Lips swatches

And for the cheeks, there are 2 limited edition beige tones.  These are typical of Japanese blushes in that they are not very intense, and given they are natural tones, they may feel under pigmented and require a more rigorous sweep of the brush to show up.  On the other hand it is almost impossible to over do these, and they do provide a sculpting effect to the cheeks.

Lunasol Colouring Sheer Cheeks swatches

I put a few of these items to work, and here is a makeup look for the season:

Lunasol The Beige makeup look

For this look, I am wearingNuance Eyes EX06 as a base on my lids, several shades from The Beige Eyes 02 over it, and Pencil Eyeliner EX02 tightlining for soft definition.  I swept Coloring Sheer Cheeks EX05 along my cheek bones and added Jewelry Powder EX01 along the tops as highlight (though my camera seemed to have eaten it up).  Lastly I wore Beige Nuance Lips EX06 to complete the look.

Lunasol Duo de Chocolat Eyes & Melty Chocolat Lips

In addition to the spring collection, Lunasol has also released a couple of chocolate-themed makeup for Valentines Day!  The Lunasol Duo de Chocolat Eyes is packaged like fine belgium truffles and even have a slight whiff to add to the experience.  For the lips, try the Lunasol Melty Chocolat Lips which is a liquid glossy lipstick in a lovely mauve shade.

Lunasol’s Spring and Valentines’ Day collection is out in stores now, go check them out soon!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


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