Ludeya Biocellulose Mask

August 25, 2013

Hi hi!!  I was gifted with these Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks by PublicistPR some time back, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good they are, so I thought I’d review them here for those looking for some good quality facial masks.

Ludeya’s masks uses the bio-cellulose technology to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin for greater efficacy.  What is bio-cellulose?  It is a kind of “artificial skin” that is medically used as a substitute for skin to treat various types of wounds and burn injuries.  LUDEYA’s Bio Cellulose Mask is made using an exclusive Bio Fermentation technology that takes 21 days to form SkinGel, whose 3-dimensional structure closely resembles the human skin.  It is able to bond with the skin, and effectively deliver Ludeya’s exclusive SEANOL® essence and other beneficial ingredients deep into the inner layers of the skin.

Ludeya Biocellulose Mask

There are 3 types of masks under Ludeya’s Bio Cellulose range:

Each mask comes in a sealed satchet and is individually boxed.  When you open it, the first thing that struck me was how uniquely different the mask feels.  It literally feels like second skin, is slightly stretchy and has an almost gel-like texture.  It clings onto my skin well, and the openings are really well designed to fit every part of my face without leaving too much of a gap in between so that as much of my skin is covered as possible.

Ludeya Biocellulose Mask

After leaving it on for the standard 10-15 minutes, almost every bit of serum from the mask has been absorbed by my skin.  I can just tell the difference because many other drugstore masks are still dripping wet by the time I remove them whereas this is almost dry.  And whatever is left on my face absorbs within the next 30 seconds when I massage slightly.

The reason why it took me so long to write this review is because I wanted to try every one of the masks first.  And I must say I am deeply impressed by how different Ludeya’s Bio Cellulose Mask is.  The only problem was the Hydro White Moisturizing mask stung my face just slightly whilst it was on.  Neither of the other two had that problem, and quite frankly I couldn’t tell the difference in results between the three.  All of the masks left my skin feeling plumped and brighter.

At $10.90 a sheet, Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask is on the high end of the drugstore facial mask spectrum.  But they are really quite interesting!  So the next time you feel like a little splurge without going the full monty (or perhaps at the next Watson’s sale?!), you could consider picking a few of these up!

Have a great week ahead, and stay tuned for some very exciting NEW cosmetics reviews coming up over the next few days!  xoxo


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