Laneige Meets Fashion with the Laneige x YCH Collection for Fall 2017

September 19, 2017

I love fashion, and of course you know I luuurve makeup… so when the two intersect, I know I am bound to have fun.  This Fall, Laneige has teamed up with Korean fashion brand YCH to release a cool range of limited edition makeup dressed up in classic tweed with a punk twist.

Laneige x YCH collection

YCH (named after designer Yoon Choon Ho) is a young designer label from Korea, known for its playful spin on classic pieces.  For this collaboration with Laneige, YCH has dressed the pieces in grey herringbone set with polka dots.  Touches of navy and burgundy complement the autumnal colour palette, and absolutely my kind of shades!

Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bar

For this new collection, Laneige has introduced a brand new Two-Tone Matte Lip Bar in 4 different shades.  These feature a velvety lip primer in a lighter tone paired with a vivid matte lip color.  I find the diagonal arrangement of the bars really clever because it automatically creates a smooth graduated color transition as you swipe the lip bar across the lips.  Unlike other matte lipsticks out there, these Laneige Two-Tone Matte Lip Bars are formulated with a gel technology to ensure maximum comfort, and the velvety lip primer fills in lip lines for a smoother and more even application.

Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bar swatches

All 4 shades are really pretty, and I love that the colors are very flattering against my Asian skintone.  Though billed as matte, these lip bars have a satin finish.  There is enough slip in these Two-Tone Matte Lip Bars for a smooth swipe, and they do not dry out my lips over time.  On the other hand, they do wear off fairly quickly with eating and drinking, so a touch up is needed.

Laneige Skin Veil Base Dot Cushion

No Korean makeup collection will be complete without a cushion or two, and the Laneige x YCH Collection is no exception.  The Laneige Skin Veil Base Dot Cushion is a color-correcting makeup base in a cushion format.  The white Fitting Dots contain Laneige’s Water Bank Essence ingredients to keep skin hydrated, and also brighten the skin.  There are 2 cute polka-dotted variants – No. 40 Light Purple corrects dullness, and No. 60 Light Green evens out red patches.

Laneige Skin Veil Base Dot Cushion swatches

I’m not always a fan of color-correcting bases as they often feel heavy and greasy, and sometimes leave my skin with a parlour that does not look natural.  In contrast, I found these Laneige Skin Veil Base Dot Cushions to be incredibly lightweight, and they sheer out so well that they provide just enough tint to color correct, without turning me ashen.

Lastly, Laneige has taken its popular Eyebrow Cushion-cara and dressed them in this season’s special grey herringbone and pink polka dotted design.  This is my first time trying out this product, and I was really surprised by how much I enjoy it.  The watery cushion formula packs just enough pigment to define the brows, yet it is a breeze to blend out and leaves a soft, natural look that lasts all day without fading or smudging!  The dual-ended applicator tool is ingenious, the brush is the perfect shape and size, and the spoolie has a longer- and shorter-bristled side for blending and combing respectively.

Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-cara swatches

There are 2 color variations available – No.1 Two-Tone Grey is best suited for most Asians, and No.2 Two-Tone Brown works well for lighter, pink-toned skin.

Overall, I’m really loving this capsule Laneige x YCH Collection!  It is easy to fall in love with the Two-Tone Matte Lip Bars, but the Skin Veil Base Dot Cushions and Eyebrow Cushion-caras are innovative and a breeze to use.  The collection is already out in stores, so pop by and check them out before they’re gone!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    I haven’t really paid attention to this brand at all! I’m not usually a fan of cutesy packaging, but I’m willing to check out the base 😉 Looks interesting!

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