Kanebo AW2019 #Wetmetal

October 1, 2019

I was surprised when I saw Kanebo’s makeup collection for Autumn-Winter 2019 because it is completely devoid of eyeshadows! The focus is on really sleek, wet lips with full on colour, paired with a relatively clean minimalist face.  This actually suits my lifestyle at the moment because I’ve been hooked on lash extensions, and I don’t feel the need (urge) to pile anything else on my lids.  Between the (all-day) morning sickness and trying out new outfit ideas to make my existing wardrobe work for my changing shape, I really don’t want to fuss with makeup.  But I digress…  I’m secretly excited to see what Kanebo has in store for us in the coming holiday collection having set the stage now with this release.

Kanebo AW2019 Wetmetal makeup collection

The lips are dipped in #wetmetal with 5 new shades of Kanebo Liquid Rouge.  I reviewed the formula earlier this year [read here], and found the latest additions to be on par with the rest of the family.  The latest hues come with hidden micro-shimmers that give the touch of metallic flare, though they are all so tiny they don’t irritate my lips at all.

Kanebo AW2019 Liquid Rouge & Liquid Nuance Rouge

Working up to the party season ahead, there are 2 special limited edition Kanebo Liquid Nuance Rouge.  These are full-on glamorous shimmer babes.  EX03 Mars Planet has a gorgeous deep wine hue that I would wear on its own or over another dark lip colour to amplify the base.  EX04 is slightly sheer so it works best layered over anything else…. perhaps nude?

Kanebo AW2019 Liquid Rouge & Liquid Nuance Rouge swatches

What’s new this season is a small line of eyeliners – Kanebo Deep Gel Eyeliner.  These come in a simple twist-up pencil and have a fine tip so no sharpening is necessary.  I like that Kanebo has thoughtfully added a colored band at the bottom of each pencil so you know the shade without having to open it.  I found the formula to be fairly standard, just smooth enough to easily line the eyes without tugging, not too much glide so they stay in place and don’t smudge on Asian hooded lids.  I love the surprise touch of shimmer in a couple of the shades, and the black is gorgeously jet black.

Kanebo Deep Gel Eyeliner for AW2019

There are also 2 colored Kanebo Natural Framing Mascara, both limited edition.  This is a formula that feels very lightweight, gives natural definition without fussy lengthening fibres and does not clump.  On the other hand, if you have whimpy lashes like I do, then you may find this on the thin side.

Here are the swatches of the eyeliners and mascaras:

Kanebo Gel Eyeliner & Framing Mascara swatches

The complexion gets a handy makeover with 2 new compacts, designed to perfect your base and another to bring out your features.  I am often averse to palettes comprising more than 1 cream product, and even more sceptical when the individual pans are teensy weensy.  But I am more than eager to forgive the Kanebo Concealer Compact because the 3 shades contained within not only match my skintone perfectly (the lighter middle shade was spot-on for concealing acne scars, whilst the peachy shade was great for brightening my dark circles), they also provide amazing coverage and do not crease.

Kanebo Concealer & Shimmering Compacts

The other palette named Kanebo Shimmering Compact is one I struggle with, mainly because I generally prefer powdered highlighters to creams as they tend to melt off in Singapore’s heat.  Also, the small size of the pans (about the size of an average eyeshadow) makes it difficult to dip my usual highlighter brushes in.  On the other hand, if you are on the go, this is a really handy size to carry in your purse, and you can always make do with a finger.  All 3 shades are complementary to my skin tone, which is another bonus, and when I tested this out, I did not find it had so much slip that it moves as the day progresses.  These give a very subtle gleam to the skin, which is great for everyday office wear.

I have swatched both compacts according to their relative placement in the palettes below:

Kanebo Concealer & Shimmering Compact swatches

Kanebo’s AW2019 makeup collection is now out in counters.  Check them out in person if you can!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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