A Quick Chat with 3Lab’s Erica Chung & First Impressions on A Handful of Products

June 21, 2015

I was thrilled when I got a chance to meet with one of the founders of 3Lab recently, and particularly nervous when I saw her flawless complexion and poised grace.  At 59, Erica is the epitome of graceful aging, and can easily pass for my sister.  There are not many ladies who have successfully built a thriving empire in this world, and much less an Asian lady.

3Lab Erica Chung

If you’ve not heard of 3Lab before, that’s because the company does not waste a single cent on advertising, rather devoting all its resources to the formulation of its products.  But chances are, you’d have seen it raved by magazine editors and endorsed by celebrities such as Michelle Obama and Jennifer Lopez.  I’m neither, but as a true blue beauty junkie, I’ve always been very curious of this cult brand that has managed to launch hit after hit with ever-increasing price tags.

How did you get started with 3Lab?

I have spent over 20 years of my life working with different beauty brands, and never found the perfect brand for my skin.  So I decided to create my own perfect anti-aging skincare, and that’s how 3Lab was born.  I use all of my products on my own face, so I am very particular about ensuring they are of the highest quality.

What are you most proud of at 3Lab?

At 3Lab, we use the highest grade of ingredients, and are constantly exploring the most advanced technologies to create the best possible skincare.  We were the first company to use bio-engineered human growth hormone – Nano Claire GYTM, and we also invest in X-50 capsule delivery system which was previously used by pharmaceutical companies for treating cancer patients.  In the past we were one of the first to use apple stem cells in our anti-aging cream, and now we have gone deep beneath the sea to create the Marine RepairTM.

Other brands use similar ingredients (e.g. HGH, stem cells, marine ferments, etc), how is 3Lab different from the competition?

Sure, you may find such ingredients listed on the back of the box for many products out there, but at 3Lab we pride ourselves in using the actual level of concentration that is needed for an ingredient to actually be effective.  For us, ingredients are never added just for marketing gestures.  Also, our Intelligent Targeting Device technology ensures the ingredients are delivered to the cells deep within the skin so they can actually do what they’re supposed to do.

This is a competitive industry, and most of the other brands are backed by large conglomerates with much deeper pockets.  3Lab has always been privately owned, and I have always preferred to save on advertising, relying on word of mouth instead, and devoting my resources on using the best ingredients that cost up to USD1 million per kilogram.

It is amazing that after all this time, you have kept 3Lab private.  Most others would have taken on private equity money to expand or sought to sell down. Do you have such plans in the near future?

3Lab is very close to my heart, and we have been successful enough to date that we don’t need any injection of capital.  Today, our products are sold in 13 countries and expanding.  This is my legacy, and I want to continue to build it up for future generations to come long after I am gone.

3Lab samples

I was so inspired after my interview with Erica that I pulled out my 3Lab samples and put them to the test.  As these only lasted me a couple of weeks, this is not a full review, merely first impressions.  Nonetheless, I must note that even in the short time that I was able to experience these products, my skin has never looked better!

Have you tried anything from 3Lab before?

xo Linda

I am grateful to Escentials Singapore for kindly inviting me to meet with Erica Chung during her visit, and for providing me with some of the samples mentioned above.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

4 responses to “A Quick Chat with 3Lab’s Erica Chung & First Impressions on A Handful of Products”

  1. Sofia says:

    Hey interesting! Very exciting to have been able to meet Erica. The last two creams sound pretty good.

  2. Lily says:

    Interesting! I haven’t tried anything from them before.
    I watched a video recently, of the Pixiwoos interviewing Sunday Riley herself. It was an eye opener, and the way Sunday explained the works of our skin is so so so interesting! You need to watch that 🙂 Now I want Good Genes and Luna, even though I probably detest the smell. LOL!

    • silverkis says:

      Oh gosh…. now i’ve got to hunt down that interview! Although I must say, I don’t spend much time watching youtube videos cos I simply don’t have the patience, and when I actually have some free time like when i’m commuting or waiting for something in public, it’s not convenient. But tonight, that shall be my mission!

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