Eyeshadow Paradise: Inglot Freedom System

March 28, 2014

After my success with customizing my own palette from Surratt (read here), I was determined to try my hand at designing yet another palette, this time with Inglot.

Hailing from Poland, Inglot is known for its Freedom System, which allows us to assemble our own custom designed palettes. There are eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters and powders that can all be mixed and matched for a personal palette. I set out to pick out 6 eyeshadows from the Internet, which proved to be no mean feat considering there are literally hundreds of eyeshadows in every finish you can imagine! For my inaugural palette, I decided to pick up one of Inglot’s signature palette, but you can always fit the eyeshadows into Z-palettes.

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette


The Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows are generously sized at 2.3-2,7g each, and priced at USD7 each which is a steal! There is a choice of 5 finishes – Matte, Pearl, Double Sparkle (matte with micro-glitter), AMC (satin with slight shimmer), and Shine (frostier than pearl). There is also the option with going for rainbows, which are singles comprising with 3 varying hues of the same color, if you can’t make up your mind.

I don’t do well with too many options, particularly since I couldn’t actually touch and feel them in person, so it was a real stab in the dark trying to curate my own palette online. And after many agonizing nights, I decided to go the painterly way and pick shades that I normally wouldn’t buy and don’t already own many dupes of, so as to ensure that at the very least, my Inglot palette will be different from my existing stash. And this was what I came up with:

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette


It is an uncommon palette in the sense that there aren’t any pale highlight or dark liner shades at all. The colors also don’t quite go with each other at first glance.

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette swatches

The shades, from left to right, are: 419 Pearl, 23 Shine, 32 Shine, 428 Pearl, and 44 Shine. The swatches above are all single swipes – I was astounded by how smooth and pigmented these eyeshadows are! And they all felt buttery soft to the touch! I really loved the sheen of the Shines, rich colored bases with just the right amount of sheen as the light hits them. They are not over the top like some frosted metallic eyeshadows. The Pearls have similar look to them, but a lower level of sheen than the Shines. I really wished I picked up some Double Sparkle and AMC shades too!

Since I placed my order, Inglot USA had improved its site, making it much more user-friendly. You can now pull out individual shades, drop them into a palette template, and see how the shades all fit together! Previously, there was no visual representation, and by the time I got to the checkout, I had forgotten what shades I had picked. Regardless, I feel my palette is still quite ME, and I have been having fun playing with the shades.

Inglot EOTD

Used here, a very light wash of 32 Shine all over the lid, followed by 428 Pearl at the outter edges. Lined lower lash line with 23 Shine, followed by a dash of 419 Pearl mixed with 32 Shine in the inner corner.

A blue-green eye… reminiscent of Emerald Lust…why not?!

Have you tried Inglot cosmetics? Please give me some recommendations for my next spree!!! xoxo


12 responses to “Eyeshadow Paradise: Inglot Freedom System”

  1. bubblymichelle says:

    I love the colours you chose! Even I go for a palette full of clashing colours when I can’t decide! hehe

  2. Kate says:

    I love Inglot! I was able to put together the perfect palette for me- 10 matte neutral shades perfect for my hazel eyes. And for a reasonable price. I was lucky enough to be able to see and play with the product since several of my local Macys carry the line now. Plus Inglot has a few stand alone stores well worth visiting!

  3. lunalunaface says:

    I picked out a 10pan palette when I was in NYC a couple of years back.. it’s so fun to pick out in stores where they give you a magnetic clipboard and you can pick up each e/s pan and stick them on the board to mix and match.. Obviously I came home with a mostly neutral palette.. haha

  4. Lilian says:

    Great colour choice!!

  5. Caroline says:

    I love Inglot eyeshadows, I’ve had my palette for over 2 years now, it’s crazy how pigmented they are. I love it!

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