Guest Post by Jodulu: How to incorporate natural oils into your skincare regimen

November 6, 2015

Rounding up this mini-series of guest bloggers, I’m really honoured to introduce this beauty – Jody who blogs over at  Jody is someone I look up to – literally because she stands almost an entire foot taller than me! – and also because she is so fiercely passionate about people and the environment that we live in.  I’m so happy she chose this topic to write about today, because it’s something I’m still learning about, and I LOVE a good intellectual skincare post!  Enjoy!

Hi ladies!
I’m Jody Liu, and I’m an ordinary babe by day, an International Pageant Queen in Title, a greenie at heart and a Blogger by night. I write about beauty and lifestyle on and love all things natural and organic.  For this guest post that Linda has so kindly bestowed upon me, I decided to share a little not-so-secret skincare product on my vanity shelf:

Natural Oil

Jodulu feature

As a strong believer in keeping my skincare products simple with as little ingredients stated on a product’s ingredient list, natural oil is my favourite go-to product for my face. That being said, I get it when I hear people telling me that it’s challenging or messy to use and they find that it leaves their skin too oily for a humid weather like Singapore. So I decided to share with you my 3 tips on how to incorporate natural oils into your skincare regimen!
Tip 1: Choose your oil wisely
I know that there are lots of oils out there that have been said to be good as a facial oil but personally, I find that some of them are too thick and rich for our skin in a climate like Singapore. Besides choosing an oil based on its viscosity, you should also consider their benefits. If you are keen on trying out natural oils, I would recommend sweet almond or grape seed oil rather than extra virgin olive or sunflower oil. Why? Because these 2 oils are “lighter” than the latter two and they have amazing properties that would benefit the skin!

Sweet almond Oil
Anti-Inflammatory property
Mild antioxidant capacity
Excellent moisturization property, great for people with dry skin

Grape Seed Oil
Anti-Inflammatory property
Decent moisturuzation property that isn’t heavy
Anti-aging property with linoleic acid that helps to tone and firm the appearance of the skin
Works great at reducing the appearance of dark circles
Tip 2: Wash cloth & warm water are your best friend
After choosing your preference of oil, the next step is using it. Now, don’t expect natural oils to emulsify the same way as Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil. You need a little more time and technique when it comes to natural oil cleansing but trust me, it will pay off.

So how do you go about using natural oil?

  1. Pour a 50cents amount of oil into your palm and rub it between your hands to warm it up before you smooth it over your face. Then another 20cents amount of oil using the same method, the idea here is to have enough oil on your skin without oil dripping off your face or entering into your eyes.
  2. Using firm but slow motion, massage the oil into your skin concentrating on troubled areas. Take your time and don’t be surprise if you find lumps appearing, those are your blackheads. Hahaha!
  3. Then, take a face cloth and soak it with extremely warm but not hot water. Squeeze the water out and place the cloth over your face for a few seconds before wiping the oil away. If you have makeup on, I would suggest using a facecloth that isn’t white unless you dont mind the stains (soap will wash most of it out anyway). Repeat this step 2 to 3 more times, taking care not to scrub your face with the cloth.

And that is how you cleanse with oils, if your skin feels a little tight after this~ Adopt the next tip!

Tip 3: 2 drops is more than enough
Besides using oil as a cleanser, it can also be used as a serum, moisturizer or sunscreen! And in a climate like Singapore, 2 drops of oil is all you need.
oil swatch

Grape Seed/ Sweet Almond Oil: Great as a moisturizer, with all the benefits mentioned above.

Jojoba Oil: It’s technically a liquid wax but it is identical to the natural oil our skin produce, sebum, so this works great as a serum or even a moisturizer for the skin.

Coconut Oil: Great as a moisturizer and it has a mild SPF properties!

If you find that you have used too much, no worries~ Just tissue it off. Personally, I use jojoba oil as my night moisturizer and I find myself waking up to a calmer, cleaner more radiant skin each morning.

For more of such tips, do find me on my blog and feel free to comment or email me if you have any issues or questions!


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