Guerlain Summer 2014 Terracotta Sun Celebration Powder, Le Parfum, Aquarella Meteorites!

May 28, 2014

Nobody does summer like Guerlain. Since 1984, the French house has been turning out Terracotta collections to help women all over the world achieve the beautiful bronzed look without spending hours sitting under damaging sun. The Terracotta collection consists of a whole suite of products from foundations to sunless tanning gel and after sun cream. But the key attraction for me, is the 30th Anniversary Terracotta Sun Celebration Blusher & Bronzer!

Similar to last year’s Terra Ora Powder, the Terracotta Sun Celebration Powder comes in a beautifully crafted wooden case with the natural grain of the wood left intact. It opens into 2 halves, the top half contains a large mirror, and the product is held in the bottom half. Both sides are held together by magnets, and engraved on top of the case is a blazing sun with the Guerlain insignia.

Guerlain summer 2014 terracotta sun celebration blusher & bronzer

Encased within is a large palette (16gm of product!!) consisting of 2 blushes and 1 bronzer. The large golden sun design in the middle mirrors the design on the cover but it is an overspray that disappears after a couple of uses. While it lasts though, it adds a touch of golden shimmer which is interesting.

Guerlain summer terracotta swatches

The 2 blushes are a warm orange and a reddened pink. The bronzer is medium golden brown that works well for sculpting on my NC20 skintone. The inclusion of the pink and orange allows the user to blend and get the shade to work for individual’s skin tone and preferences, although it doesn’t get much darker. For more tanned complexions, this will probably work more as an all over glow and blusher. The powders are finely milled and apply smoothly as expected of Guerlain. The blushers are more pigmented than the bronzer but that suits me perfectly as I prefer my bronzers to be barely-there. In conjunction with the 30th anniversary celebrations, Guerlain has released a Terracotta Le Parfum.

Guerlain summer terracotta le parfum

This is the 3rd time Guerlain has created a fragrance for the Terracotta line, and was specially designed by perfumer Thierry Wasser. Described as “the allure of the sun in a bottle”, it is a warm scent that conjures up images of coconuts, jasmine leis, tanning by the beach, and pina coladas. I purchased this without a sample whiff as there was no tester available, but was instantly in love. It is a familiar yet elusive scent… but it evokes warm, happy, relaxed feelings that also manages to be very elegant and alluring. Terracotta Le Parfum wears well for about 6 hours on me, fading gently whilst maintaining its rounded notes.

Guerlain summer 2014 aquarella meteorites

It is rather odd to find a summer meteorites launched together with the Terracotta collection, but that’s the way it went out here in Singapore. Having owned quite a few jars of these lovely pearls already, I wanted to skip, but was lured in by an irresistible gift with purchase! And as you have probably guessed, the keychain was part of it!

The Aquarella Meteorites consists of gold, silver, pearl white, champagne, delicate pastel pink and lagoon green pearls to give a luminous glow this summer. When swatched individually, it seems much more shimmery and perhaps a tad frosty. But as with all meteorites, these are meant to be swirled together and dusted lightly all over as the final step. And when used that way, it feels no different from the usual 02 Clair. Perhaps a twee bit of shimmer, but that never hurts. Ultimately, it is one for the collector… with its pale pink tin and unique silver pearls.

Along with the summer 2014 releases, we received 2 Rouge Automatiques and 2 Gloss d’Enfer.

Guerlain summer 2014 rouge automatique & gloss d'enfer swatches

From left to right:


Terracotta Sun Celebration Powder, Terracotta Le Parfum and the Aquarella Meteorites are all limited edition. Singapore only received 12 pieces of the Sun Celebration and Le Parfum, and as far as I know, they are all soldout locally. However, they are still available online (free shipping on Saks!) if anybody is looking for them! xoxo

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