My Spring 2014 Color Picks from the Guerlain Météorites Blossom Collection

February 21, 2014

After months of waiting and yearning, Guerlain’s Spring 2014 collection has finally landed in Singapore!  It was a harrowing journey… when the early images sneaked online I was immediately drawn to the eyeshadow quad, but after reading multiple negative reviews I almost fell out of love.  Regardless, I braved a swatch last month when the testers sneaked at counters, and eventually picked it up when the stocks finally launched last week…because….it’s Guerlain.

Guerlain Spring 2014 collection


My initial love: Ecrin 4 Eyeshadows (509) Les Tendres   

“The newest harmony, Les Tendres, draws inspiration from the season: iridescent ivory, satiny nude and matte violet-plum shades express an ode to nature and renewal, while a metallic aquatic green adds vibrancy.”

Regular readers of my blog would know that I tend to gravitate towards bolder, more vibrant and pigmented colors.  Neutrals, not so much.  However, after a whole past year of va-va-voom looks, I feel like a more sophisticated, softer turn for Spring.  That is not to say, boring, as the frosty mint green in Les Tendres proves.  Even back in December, I felt mint green was going to be so in for a new year, fresh beginnings!  But there are many ways of doing mint green- I own NARS’ Femme Fatale duo which is matte and not it; and then I tried to convince myself after the Shiseido Color Bar that I didn’t need any more mint green that I’d never touch.  But Guerlain’s semi-sheer, frosty rendition left me with the chills.

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Les Tendres close up

The rest of the color story read very much like the first spring blooms to me… soft frosty pink petals peeking out from the frozen tundra, satiny mauve of the ground, and a matte plum gives a whiff of woodiness to the mix.  Lovely, no?

Guerlain Ecrin 4 Les Tendres swatches

None of the colors are extremely deep and dark, nor intensely pigmented.  But I think that is the softness that Spring neutrals command.  It so happens that I just recently picked up Tom Ford Enchanted (reviewed here), and having played with both interchangeably, there is a same-ness that may be surprising.

Guerlain Les Tendres vs Tom Ford Enchanted

Obviously Enchanted has those signature TF shimmers, and I’ll always pick shimmers over frost, but that mint green makes Les Tendres a bit more interesting in my mind.  Neither is a dupe for the other, but if muted mauves with a dash of shiny is your thing, then do consider Les Tendres.

Guerlain Les Tendres vs Tom Ford Enchanted swatch comparison

The shades in Les Tendres wore well without creasing or fading throughout the day.  The 2 frosty shades are somewhat sheerer which lends them well to being layered over the darker shades.  Notwithstanding, they are of buildable opacity, and do stand out with 2-3 layers.  I did have a problem with the medium satin mauve shade not showing up quite well on my lids, so I found myself reaching for the matte plum quite a bit.  The wondrous part (or disappointing depending on your bend), is the mint green is too pale and frosty to show up as green, even when worn over a good part of the eye as in the following EOTD.

Guerlain Les Tendres EOTD

My initial knee-jerk reaction: Météorites Blush

Words alone cannot capture my disappointment when I first saw these “bubble” blushes… I did not care for their white plastic containers, and I did not understand the domed shape.  Along with many in the blogosphere, I thought Guerlain had gone in a downward spiral towards cheap.  But when I take a step back from my old-lady mentality, I can see these being quite popular with younger girls.  Pop them in your makeup bag, take them out and roll-‘em on the cheeks for a lovely flush before going the next date.  Why not?

Guerlain Meteorites Bubble Blush


The Météorites bubble blushes come in (01) Pink – a light-medium warm coral-pink, and (02) Cherry – a brighter cooler pink.  For a cream blush, these are fairly dense and feel dry to the touch.  Once applied, they are quite matte (although the descriptions say satin).  I do think there is a learning curve with these blushes – even though they are designed to be dabbed directly on the cheeks, they don’t swipe very well, I find they drag my foundation along.  And given how dense and dry they are, you need a dense and fairly stiff brush to pick up well (I recommend a foundation brush).  They are also not v easy to blend and buff on the skin.  So how do you make it really work?  One way that was shown to me by local makeup maestro Larry Yeo, was to apply the blushes on the heels of your palm (i.e. the fleshiest part under your thumb) and then press the heels of your palm onto the cheek bones.  I’ve tried it, and that is honestly, the best way to apply these blushes, and then it wipes off your hands clean without residue!

Guerlain Meteorites Bubble Blush swatches

Too much work really, who can be bothered?  But if you pluck up the courage to traipse down the rabbit hole, top it over with those lovely new meteorites, and then layer over again with some blushilighter (think YSL Rosy Blush, or even Meteorites Doré), you may be surprised by the results.  Glow from within!!

The “safe” bets: Rouge Automatique

If you have a serious case of itchy fingers like me, and just need to get something Guerlain, you can never go wrong with one of their Rouge Automatiques.  There are 2 shades for Spring 2014:

Guerlain Spring 2014 Rouge Automatique swatches

Attrape Coeur (171) is a warm coral-ish powder pink.  It has a less shiny finish and more is more opaque.  Insolence (144) is a bright reddened pink that is shinier and somewhat sheerer.  Both are hands-down, the best lipstick formula I have ever tried (which is saying ALOT).  They are creamy, glide on amazingly, and stay put.  Unfortunately, Attrape Coeur seems to have soldout at our local counters, and I only managed to pick up Insolence (couldn’t have a more appropriate name for me!) and here is how it looks on me:

Guerlain Rouge Automatique 144 lip swatch

So that’s my wrap-up of Guerlain’s Spring 2014 collection!  Go ahead, take a gander, have a sniff at those Guerlain violets, and rethink your spring attitude!  xoxo

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  1. Eileen says:

    I’ve been wearing Guerlain since pre-historic times and so I was a bit put off by the packaging of the blushes, but I can easily see how it would appeal to a younger demographic. It’s cute and fun. Unfortunately, as much as I love cream blushes, both shades turned orange-ish on me, but the lipsticks. . . ahhhh, the lipsticks! I bought both and have enjoyed them immensely. Rouge Automatique isn’t as emollient on my chronically dry lips as Rouge G, but it’s a great formula none the less. And, the colors always have dimension and complexity that so many other lipsticks lack. I always have room in my stash for another Rouge Automatique 🙂

    • silverkis says:

      lol Eileen! I am not quite dinosaur age yet, but I was very perturbed by the plastic… but i understand Guerlain’s need to attract the younger demographics to be less old-lady. I can’t quite say I love the texture and ease of application though I know some pp love it. Those Rouge Automatiques are some of the smoothest lipsticks I have owned!! I think even the recent Rouge Gs arent quite as smooth… Glad you enjoy them too!! Thanks for stopping by!! xx

  2. Shari says:

    You have the loveliest taste, Linda! The eyeshadow didnt look much to me but wow, you made it look appealing especially on your eyes. I think I only want the Meteorites in this collection, but who knows, when I go swatching I might end up with a lipstick or a cream blush too! Please Lord no. Haha

    • silverkis says:

      That’s so sweet of you to say, Shari. Of course I love your picks too… takes one with a discerning eye to know one! ;P Hmm… love to hear your thoughts on the cream blush. But lipsticks are a definite yes, and who knows, maybe the eyeshadow palette too? 😉

  3. mjacqueline says:

    The two eye shadow palettes are so beautiful Linda, great choices. I love the mint green shade too.

  4. Sunny says:

    Oh man, now I kinda need BOTH Rouge Automatiques LOL Insolence looks great on you!

  5. I love your picks from this collection Linda, quad looks gorgeous on your eyes and I think Insolence is also so pretty on your lips. I am loving the blushes, I really apply them directly on the cheeks but I am going to try your suggestion too. What I do is that, I don’t drag the blush on my cheeks but tap it directly from the bullet, if that makes sense. 🙂

  6. Amria says:

    I always love what you pick 😀

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