Guerlain La Laque Couleur 903 Nuit Merveilleuse for Holiday 2015

December 7, 2015

Happy Mani-monday!  I’m preparing for a biz trip to HK this week, so this is going to be brief.  But I wanted to pop in to show you this electrifying nail polish from Guerlain’s Holiday 2015 Neiges et Merveilles Winter Fairy Tale Collection – Guerlain La Laque Couleur 903 Nuit Merveilleuse!

Guerlain La Laque Couleur Nuit Merveilleuse

Guerlain Nuit Merveilleuse Nail Lacquer (903) is a bit of a shy chameleon on camera. We have been having unceasing rain for the past 2 weeks here in Singapore, so it was a little dim when I was photographing it for today’s post.  It wasn’t until I was editing the pictures that I realized it had turned out pretty much blue instead of purple!

Guerlain La Laque Couleur Nuit Merveilleuse

In reality, Nuit Merveilleuse is an electric purple shot through with violet, pink and blue flecks.  And so, depending on how the light reflects, or lack of thereof, it sometimes appear almost deep electric blue.  But on the nails, the colour is a lighter, truer, hue of purple than it appears even in the bottle.  This piece stood out amongst an entire collection composed of a lighter palette, and stood out like an insouciant youth in the company of elegant ladies.

Guerlain La Laque Couleur Nuit Merveilleuse Nail swatch

I was a big fan of Guerlain nail polish formula when it was first launched 2 years back, and we haven’t seen many new shades since then.  So, it was almost a must for me to pick up this season’s limited edition shade.  The brush is as wide as I remembered it, but it seems thicker than I am used to.  The formula for Nuit Merveilleuse is almost jelly-like, and in combination with the bigger brush head, I faced some difficulty applying it as close to the nail bed and sides as I’d like.  Also, the jelly-like formula tends to sheer out, and I need 2 generous coats to achieve full opacity.

But whatever its flaws, I think Guerlain La Laque Couleur 903 Nuit Merveilleuse is truly a stand-out colour, guaranteed to make heads turn.  It is an unusually bold shade that is seldom seen in such high-end makeup lines, and perfect for the party season ahead!

Have a wonderful week ahead, and tell me, what have you picked up so far from the holiday collections?

xo Linda

6 responses to “Guerlain La Laque Couleur 903 Nuit Merveilleuse for Holiday 2015”

  1. Hi Linda,
    I wore this one to the university and students were staring on my fingers. It was definitely handy when I wanted to show something on the black board, like a pointed hahaha.

  2. Lily says:

    I think the only Guerlain nail polish I have is from a few years back, and it’s a dark burgundy. I can’t even remember what it’s called. While I like seeing colours on others, I nearly always prefer monotones on my own nails. Grey is definitely a favourite.

    • silverkis says:

      I think I have that one too…. it’s almost like a chocolate red? I enjoy a good pop of color on the nails, but this one may have to be reserved for special occasions only as it’s so striking!

  3. Deslé says:

    This polish is so pretty. xx

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