These Babies will see you Glowing all through Summer to Fall!

August 12, 2018

What’s summer without some glow?  I’m not a huge fan of bronzers, even though I seem to have picked up a tan from all the pool-time I’m clocking with my little boyfriend.  But highlighters have grown into a big part of my makeup collection, and I thought I’d give you a peek at some of the ones that have been on rotation for the past few months.

5 Highlighters for the summer

I’d like to kick things off with a bunch of beauties from Becca.  I’ve tried a number of things from Becca over the years, but I honestly think their best product is their powder highlighters.  Even though I’ve got quite a collection going now, and lots of lovely options just in today’s post alone, nobody does highlighters like Becca.  They have a wide variety of colours and formulas, so you can shop to your heart’s content!

Becca highlighter swatches

I have here 2 of the Light Chaser Highlighter for Face & Eye and they’re both so beautiful.  This is a powder highlighter that contain light-catching kaleidoscopic pearls that ‘shift’ shade when they catch the light.  Champagne Dream Flashes Bellini is warm golden champagne with hidden flecks of peach, an easy to wear colour that suits lots of light-medium skin tones.  Opal Flashes Jade is a really unique and exceptional shade, it is a light beige that shifts into a delightful green depending on the angle of the light.  Both are limited editions released last year, but you can still find them on Cult Beauty and other online sites.

Becca Vanilla Quartz Shimmering Skin Perfector is a pressed powder highlighter that was originally released in a mini version last year, and recently relaunched in a larger pan bearing a prismatic design on the surface.  This feels a touch looser than the other Becca highlighters, but have the same amazing pay-off on the skin.  It has a pale golden colour and bright sheen that is easy to wear and match, a staple workhorse in my makeup wardrobe!

The Becca Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss is the shiniest, most luxurious lip gloss I have ever tried!  It goes on like gel, and has an ultra-glossy finish.  The shade that I have here is Champagne Dream x Bellini which does not quite match the corresponding Light Chaser Highlighter with the same name, but pulls much warmer and yellow-toned.  This unfortunately does not go so well with my skin tone, so I mostly blend it out on top of another lip colour just to get the glossy effect.

Becca Be A Light Palette

The newest addition to my little Becca family is this Be A Light Palette.  This palette features Becca’s latest Sheer Glow Filter Powder in four flawless finishes – Brighten, Blur, Contour and Blush.  These powders are so finely milled and densely packed, they almost feel “wet” to the touch.  Unlike the other highlighters, these Sheer Glow Filter Powders carry no shimmer and only some degree of pearl, giving a very natural finished look to the complexion.

Becca Be A Light Palette swatches

There are 2 variants, and the one I have here is billed for light-to-medium skin.  Both the brighten and blur powders are so fine, they blend out on my skin to an imperceptible finish.  I like buffing the brighten powder on my cheekbones for a subtle lift, and the blur powder actually helps to take away excess shine and set my makeup whilst blurring the look of pores on my cheeks.  I found both the blush and contour shades to have the ideal level of pigmentation, and the blush shade looks so beautiful on my cheeks I almost gasped.  This palette reminded me of the Hourglass ones, and I know many people have been disappointed by this palette.  So, I’m just going to put it out there that I actually prefer this Becca palette, because I find the powders less shimmery and more flattering on my matured skin.  The incorporation of a blush and contour in this palette makes it much more useable too.  I do wish the palette was slimmer and more compact though, but it contains 15gm of product which is generous especially at its price point.

REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops, Rosé & Champagne

I just want to quickly show you this pair of Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops.  These are multi-tasking liquid highlighters that may be used on their own on the cheek bones, or mixed into your foundation / blush for an all-over glow.  They are so pigmented, a tiny drop is all I need.  I have enjoyed wearing them underneath my foundations too for a more subtle lift.  As Algenist is first and foremost a skincare brand, these Luminizing Drops also carry skin-loving ingredients so that they beautify from within.

Cover FX Glitter Drop Mirage swatch

Another multi-tasking liquid highlighter is the Cover FX Glitter Drop.  There are 3 shades available, and the one I have here is Mirage, a pale champagne gold.  As its name implies, the Glitter Drop is filled with micro-glitters that are suspended in a translucent base.  So you have the flexibility of wearing it completely sheered out just for a glittery finish, or layered on thick for a strong sheen.  Apart from the face, you may also want to add this to your hair, décolletage even arms and legs for a touch of glamour.

Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick Champagne Flash swatch

Life is not complete without some Hourglass.  I’ve loved the Vanish Seamless Foundation [reviewed here], and now the line is joined by the Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick.  The creamy texture is easy to blend and a joy to use.  However, I found the sheen from applying straight from the tube to be much too strong, and the colour too opaque on my skin.  Instead, I prefer picking it up with a small brush or even my fingers, and then dabbing onto my cheek bones, blending as I go.  There are 5 shades available, and the one i have here is Champagne Flash, which is a light warm-toned gold with a metallic finish.

Do you have a favourite highlighter to share?  Leave me a comment below, I’d love to discover new ones!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.


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