Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide

October 8, 2018

Givenchy has been known to be provocative, and now with the new Le Rouge Liquide things are taken up a further notch.  The sexy leather casing of Givenchy Le Rouge has come to be associated with a lush and fashion-forward lip formula.  After giving us a cream lipstick in every imaginable finish, Givenchy now does something completely unexpected, a liquid formula in a classic tube packaging!

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide

The design of the Le Rouge Liquide is a first of its kind.  The tube pulls out of its cap like a classic lipstick, and a twist mechanism releases the liquid lipstick onto a flat sponge-like applicator lying on top of a traditional-looking bullet.  This sponge applicator helps to blend out the lipstick and ensures an even coverage.  I like that it is possible to twist in reverse to retract some of the lipstick if too much is dispensed.

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide arm swatches

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide is a soft, velvet cream with a semi-matte finish.  There are 14 shades to choose from, and I have 8 of them here in a range of nudes to pinks and berries.  From left to right, the shades swatched above are:

This is what the shades look like on my lips:

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide lip swatches

Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide melts on my lips and are incredibly lightweight in feel.  The pigments are dense and a tiny drop provides sufficient coverage.  I like the soft matte finish that looks lived in and sexier.  Despite the long-lasting wear and stain on the lips long after it is gone, the Le Rouge Liquide is gentle on the lips, thanks to hyaluronic acid microspheres and gatuline oil to hydrate and smooth.  Regardless of the shade you pick, lips appear smoother and lush.

It is rare, but I love every single one of the 8 shades that I have, and I want more!  Givenchy Le Rouge Liquide is out in stores now, be sure to check them out for yourself!

This post featured products that were generously provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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