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April 12, 2014

I first found out about Yves Rocher during my travels to France, and ever since I saw that Yves Rocher has opened a branch in Westgate, I’ve been wanting to try out its products.  So when Aretha from Yves Rocher Singapore asked if I’d like to try out their newly launched White Botanical range of products, I said Yes!

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Yves Rocher is a French beauty company that has established itself in the richness of the botanical world.  Yves Rocher draws on the life force of plants, their capacity to regenerate, their vital energy and their secrets to longevity, to create products that benefit the skin and respond to its rejuvenation needs.  The company controls every step of the production cycle in order to guarantee quality and safety of all products.  For over 50 years, the company has been harvesting its own organically grown plant ingredients, and manufacture products in its own facilities in Bregtane, France.  By cutting out middle men and distributors, Yves Rocher is able to keep the prices of its products accessible for the mass market.

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The new White Botanical range is specially formulated for Asians.  It draws on 2 powerful plant extracts – White Licorice powder and White Lupin extract.  The whitening power of Licorice is combined with the anti-aging benefits of White Lupin so that the complexion becomes brighter and more uniform with regular use, diminishes dark spots, and face becomes smoother!

The White Botanical range consists of 7 skincare products:

I have not been using these products for long enough to be able to assess actual benefits, but I am in love with the gorgeous floral scent of every item that I’ve tried!  And the textures are all so elegant, it is a real pleasure to use.  What is even more important is that all the products are paraben, colorant and mineral oil free!

Here is your chance to win a set of 4 full-sized items from Yves Rocher’s White Botanical range worth $212!!!  To enter this giveaway, simply LOG IN YOUR ENTRY HERE (click through to Rafflecopter app) and leave me a comment below to tell me what’s your best skincare tip!  Please note that this giveaway is only open to residents of Singapore, and you must be a subscriber of Silverkis’ World in order to qualify.  This giveaway ends on 28 April 2014 at midnight!

PS:  I am offering a 2nd identical set to my followers on Instagram, so feel free to pop over for a 2nd chance to win!


0 responses to “[Giveaway!] Yves Rocher White Botanical”

  1. Keith Tan says:

    My skincare tips is keep my skin clean all day, apply sunscreen 20 minutes before I go out. Take enough of fluids, variety fruits intake, less fried food.

  2. Skin care is a tricky thing. What works for me now may not work for me a few years down the road. I always listen to my body and make sure I am not putting myself through too much stress! Learnt the hard way that giving myself too much pressure and high expectations makes me fall sick easily and thus breakout more!
    Learning to relax and take a breath always help 🙂

  3. Jess says:

    My favourite skincare tips is hardworking to wash my skin clean, keep it hydration, apply mask once a week and last but not least is take at least 8 glasses of water as well as have enough beauty sleep.

  4. thewonderclouds says:

    I love using beauty oils, especially Clarins and organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil from VMV Hypoallergenics. They do wonders and heals my acne scars much faster.

    Have you tried organic coconut oils yet? 😉


  5. ilovewendyg says:

    For me the best tips is to make sure to wash your face before you go to sleep especially if you had make up on. Honey and lemon is good for exfoliating and I’m using Acnegel to prevent my pimples coming out… love you linda.. xoxo

  6. Wong Zhen Qi says:

    My favourite skin care tip is to give my skin a break once in a while, like only put moisturizer on and sleep instead of going for full skincare steps.

  7. nikki b says:

    8balways have my spf i usd to not thinbk it mattered but it really does so i use that and i like a nice oil night treatment it makes your skin bright n smooth when you wake up its also good fot sensite skin as well

  8. Fenny says:

    I am. I am not sure about product tips but my own way is just doing more steps or double steps when cleaning to my face. My important product must be serum and moisturizer to moist my dry skin ☺️ Still trying to find the right product till now. Skin care is the most difficult one actually. A lot of products not working on my skin

  9. Keru says:

    My favorite skincare tip is the clairsonic! Some of my friends have it and they swear by it 100%.

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