Empties Vol. 2: June-July 2017

August 6, 2017

In the blink of an eye, 2 months have passed, and it is time for another update on #projectempties.  June and July turned  out to be surprisingly productive across all categories, including skincare, body care and makeup.

Empties vol. 02

Starting with skincare…

  1. THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil [reviewed here] took a while to complete, and it wasn’t love at first pump for me, but it removes makeup well, and leaves dry skin feeling soft and hydrated with its botanical oil blend.
  2. Chanel Demaquillant Yeux Intense is my HG eye makeup remover, and I have been using this for over a decade.  It removes even the most bullet-proof eye makeup, and does not sting my sensitive eyes.  I have repurchased this so many times, I lost count.  No matter how expensive or highly-raved, there is not a single eye makeup remover that I’ve tried over the years that comes close to the performance of this Chanel.
  3. Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner is one of the brand’s top seller for a good reason.  It keeps oily and acne-prone skin feeling fresh, and helps soothe breakouts.  This is my 2nd bottle and I went for the super-sized 500ml version!
  4. Rosalena Rock & Rose Face Oil [reviewed here] has been a constant travel companion throughout this year, and I have taken to adding a few drops of this whenever my skin feels peaky.
  5. Rosalena Goodness & Tonic Face Mist [reviewed here] is a lovely one for use with makeup.  I spritz this on my beauty blender every morning and it makes blending my foundation a breeze, leaving a beautiful radiant finish.
  6. YSL Forever Youth Liberator Y-Shape Concentrate was something I purchased when it was first launched, and I also picked up the complementary limited edition massage roller.  However, I just hadn’t been very diligent about using them, and I think this has already expired, so I am binning it!
  7. La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex [reviewed here] is one of my HG eye serums for lifting my droopy hooded lids, and will definitely be repurchased!

Moving onto body care:

  1. Lush Sleepy Body Lotion is formulated with relaxing lavender to help a better night’s sleep and it smells fabulous!  I also love the pampering feel of the rich cocoa butter and almond oil for soothing my eczema-prone skin.  One of the best body lotions I’ve tried recently, definitely worth repurchasing!
  2. The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream is a limited edition offering from last year’s Change campaign and it has taken me a long time to get started on it, but once I did I was hooked!  It is heavy duty and able to soothe my eczema-riddled hands, but yet it is lightweight and does not leave my hands feeling greasy.  Definitely my top favourite from all the lovely hand creams that The Body Shop offers.
  3. L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is a classic, and I have several of these in various sizes in my home and office.  Though it contains high shea butter content, it is not as lightweight and the scent can be quite pervading.

And a few makeup to round off:

  1. YSL Le Cushion Encre de Peau [reviewed here] is one of 3 cushions that I’m currently loving.  I hadn’t finished any base products in a very long time because I keep switching, so it is rather a feat and sign of dedication that this one is completely done.  If you love naturally radiant, flawless skin-like makeup, this is definitely one to check out!
  2. Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara is something I’ve been meaning to review, but somehow I never got around to.  It is a pity, because I really enjoyed this one.  Japanese mascaras tend to be thin in general, but Shiseido managed to make this both lengthening and volumnizing at the same time.  More importantly, it is waterproof and does not smudge even on my oily hooded lids!
  3. Cle de Peau Eyebrow Pencil is as good as everybody says it is!  The slanted tip is smaller and narrower than Shu Uemura’s, which makes it easier for those of us with thinner brows.  It has the perfect hardness and color intensity to create a natural looking set of brows with ease.  The cartridge is replaceable, so I will be repurchasing soon.
  4. Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner [reviewed here] is another HG that I’ve been using for years, and will definitely be repurchasing again.  It is thin but does not break easily, pigmented and smooth so I only need 1 swipe, and it does not smudge even on my lower lash line!!

It is incredibly satisfying to see all these go into the recycle bin!  But at the same time, I know I will be replacing many of these again soon.  I’m also trying my hardest to pan some more makeup this year.  Have you tried any of these?  Or did this post pique your interest in anything?  Let me know in the comments below!

5 responses to “Empties Vol. 2: June-July 2017”

  1. Celine Chiam says:

    wa i never once finish a hand cream! >.< too lazy

  2. Lily says:

    You actually used up quite a few makeup products! That’s impressive, Linda 🙂

  3. Alison says:

    I have the CdP eyebrow pencil. And it’s a tad warm for me, but perfect for summer because I have a little more color and need something that will survive the sunscreen and sun hats. For the rest of the year, I alternate between Makeup Forever’s and Shu’s pencil as well as the Anastasia brow mascara. With my thin brows, I really need something long lasting and am curious about the new Chanel products.

    • silverkis says:

      Which shade do you have for the CdP? I find it perfect for me, the Shu Uemura one is actually warmer (even though it’s specifically designed for Asians and has grey undertones). Yes, I’m also curious about the new Chanel brow pencil…. should probably go pick that one up soon!

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