Get Addicted to IT, with Dior!

June 14, 2014

After bringing us those delectable Fluid Sticks (reviewed here) to plump up every woman’s pout, Dior gives us a whole new wardrobe for the eyes with the Dior Addict It-Lash and It-Line!

Dior It-lash & It-line

The Dior Addict It-Lash is the latest mascara in Dior’s impressive arsenal and promises to transform the eyes in a single flourish for a fabulous impact.  It is housed in a long black tube with a bulbous knob on the top designed to replicate the rest of the Dior Addict range.  The brush itself is larger than most other mascaras I have tried, and is spiked to catch the tiniest lashes.  The main attraction is its non-waterproof formula that is easy to remove yet does not smudge.  Also, it is available in 4 pretty colors – It- Black, It-Pink, It-Blue and It-Purple!

Dior It-lash

If you remember my conundrum with smudging mascaras (read here), I was happy to find that Dior It-Lash was truly smudge-proof on me!  It also lifted my lashes and separated them.  However, it does not seem to thicken the lashes much. Here is a before and after comparison:

Dior It-lash before and after comparison shots

I really liked the ease of removing Dior It-Lash at the end of the day, no more soaking and rubbing to get it all out!  Also, its all-day smudge-proof quality made this one a keeper for sure.  However, I found the wand not as comfortable to use, being quite large for my short lashes, and the spikes felt rather hard.  For those less finicky babes though, this is definitely one to check out.

The Dior Addict It-Line is the perfect accompaniment to the It-Lash, with the same 4 candy colors.  The packaging is similar except it is much slimmer, and the liner itself is a super fine brush that is dipped in the liquid liner.

Dior It-line

The fine brush tip is reminiscent of the NYX liners that I am very fond of (read here), but I found the formula to be somewhat watery, requiring repetitive strokes to be fully opaque, and consequently longer to dry completely.  Regardless, the black is indeed very black and glossy (it is not actually glittery, the swatch below was the gloss reflecting light irregularly), and the other 3 colors are simply fantastic!

Dior It-Line swatches

And to complete the IT eye look, there are 4 companion Diorshow Monos too! These backstage eye shadows can be applied dry for a nice wash of color, or worn wet for fully opaque dramatic color.

Diorshow Monos


Diorshow Mono swatches

I’m particularly fond of the It-Black as there are some amazing glitters in there.  That is also the only shade in the line-up that is permanent.  It-Purple has a nice texture and applied smoothly.  It-Yellow is a gorgeous cool-toned poppy yellow which is very unusual and certainly a collector’s item, but it felt rather powdery.  It-Pink was rather unexpected as it pulled warm salmon red on me and was the driest of the lot.  All 3 colored shades are limited edition.

Dior Addict display

The complete Dior Addict It-Lash, It-Line and accompanying Diorshow Monos are now available at all Dior counters!  Cheers to an addictive burst of color this summer! xoxo

8 responses to “Get Addicted to IT, with Dior!”

  1. Fiona says:

    These look tempting. Sadly it takes longer to reach India, so all I can do is wait

  2. Charli says:

    Oh that black and that purple!

  3. lurkingcaro says:

    I love my Dior liquid liner so much!! It’s better than anything else I’ve tried.

  4. Icaria says:

    Ooo I will get that It-Black Diorshow Mono! The liners are a no go for me since I just can’t master liquid eye liners but I get the feeling I’ll just have to try the mascara in black at one point. 🙂

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