Colors of the season

October 11, 2012

Stopped by the OPI@LacBar at Millenia Walk during lunchtime for a mani-pedi (probably my last before the baby arrives!).  Gorgeous place – loved the chic white bar-styled interiors, and tucked away in a quiet corner on the 3rd floor.  Comfy leather sofas allowed me to doze off almost right away!  Unfortunately, I seemed to have encountered the most incompetent manicurist!!  She took twice as long as my pedicurist, couldn’t understand how to round the corners, and i had to tell her to re-file my nails 3x to get rid of all the chippy ends!

Regardless, I got the chance to try out my new Butter lacquers, and oh do I LOVE La Moss!!  This oxblood color, deep vampy red, is so on trend this season!!  I must say though, the Butter London brushes are rather short and narrow, which may be problematic for home DIY.  The formula is also somewhat thinner, so 3 coats will be needed to get the true deep red color.

And then i couldn’t resist layering on Rosie Lee to a couple of digits just to see how it looks… i luuurve it!!  Ms Rosie Lee is a light metallic pink shimmer over a translucent base so it should either be used layered over an opaque base, or you will need to slather on 3-4 coats to get good coverage.


I couldn’t resist painting my toes in Butter London’s Gobsmacked!  This is a semi-sheer charcoal base with finely textured sparkles.  It also creates a somewhat rough texture upon application, and requires a good dosing of topcoat.  Next time, i’m going to try it with the matte topcoat that is on its way to me!

4 responses to “Colors of the season”

  1. Mel says:

    I love these oxblood colour polishes – i prefer them to wearing black. OPI’s ‘Honk if you love OPI’ is a recent favorite too.

    • silverkis says:

      I agree black is too harsh on it’s own… but i love charcoal shades and the latest Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in NY with black base + gold glitter is a party fav!

  2. Mel says:

    beautiful! its very similar to Nubar’s “Cabernet”. I did a post on that – you can check it out on my blog.

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