Clarins UV PLUS HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF 40/PA++++

March 25, 2013

Clarins UV PLUS HP Perfecting Cream BB Cream SPF 40 This spring / summer 2013 is bringing a huge wave of BB creams!  Seems to me every Western skincare brand is finally catching on, and launching their own variant of this nifty little multi-tasker!

The latest to join the club is Clarins UV PLUS HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream SPF 40/PA++++!  I dare you to repeat that!!!  Specially designed for Asian skin (this phrase is starting to sound cheesy), this BB cream has one of the highest SPF factor for all-day protection, and protects against UVA and UVB rays.  It contains cantaloupe melon extract to help fight environmental aggressors and the potentially harmful effects of pollution.

I’m not a fan of Clarins UV PLUS HP range of skincare products.  I’ve tried the original collection, and the latest revamped version.  Both stung my skin upon application, and did not do much for me.  So, I was really really surprised by this BB cream!

This is a slightly thicker fluid than most other BB creams, and takes a little more work to blend by fingers.  I used my kabuki brush, and it created a FLAWLESS face in a few seconds!  There was an instant luminosity, and the redness around my nose was greatly diminished along with all my other imperfections.  The coverage is amazing, similar to what my foundations can achieve, and is buildable.

What I loved most about the Clarins UV PLUS HP Perfecting Cream High Protection BB Cream is that it left a shine-free, yet natural looking finish.  It was light weight, and lasted throughout most of my day.  Combined with a good primer, I did not need any touch-ups at all!

Interestingly, this is only launched in Asia, whereas the rest of the world will be getting the Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF25 which comes in 3 shades.  Unfortunately, the version that we’re getting comes in only 1 shade, which sadly, is just a tad too light for me.  The tone is just right though, doesn’t leave me looking too ruddy nor ashy.  If I can just lighten my neck area a bit, I will run out immediately and buy this!

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