Chanel Le Vernis Sunrise Trip Nail Gloss

February 1, 2016

Purple nails are such attention-grabbing style statements, and I love it!  The last purple polish I wore [this], was so striking it was like a beacon at meetings, and I may or may not have waved my hands around a bit more than I needed to just to watch people’s reactions.  *LOL*  But for the purpose of decorum, I continue my search for a more wearable but still fun purple for my collection, and here is Chanel Le Vernis Sunrise Trip.

Chanel Nail Gloss Sunrise Trip

Chanel Sunrise Trip (663) Nail Gloss is a limited edition Le Vernis from the Spring 2016 LA Sunrise Collection.  This is the very first “Nail Gloss” that I’ve seen from Chanel (or ever), which may be an indication of a new formula, although we are expecting a whole new generation of gel polishes in just a month or so.  In any case, Sunrise Trip is quite different from any other Chanel Le Vernis I’ve ever tried.  It looks like a cream, but is really a jelly.

Chanel Sunrise Trip Nail GlossChanel Sunrise Trip looks intensely dark in the bottle, but is surprisingly much lighter on the nails.  On the nails it is a true purple that turns almost indigo under sunlight.  It is quite dark and intense, something completely unexpected for spring.

Chanel Le Vernis Sunrise Trip nail swatch

Beautiful as it is, Sunrise Trip has proven to be one of the most challenging nail polishes I’ve ever applied from Chanel.  It refuses to spread evenly, and took numerous re-dips into the bottle to complete even just 1 nail.  And to achieve the level of opacity shown in my swatch above, I needed 3 generous coats.  I should also mention the swatch above included 1 clear gel top coat to achieve the glossy finish.  On its own, Sunrise Trip was more of a satin-shine finish.  A glossy top coat definitely brought out the colour better.

Overall, I wished Chanel Le Vernis Sunrise Trip was easier to apply, but the resulting colour is simply gorgeous.  It manages to toe the line between mad hat striking and not traffic stopping.  I can wear this to the office without distracting the heck out of everyone else, and still have lots of fun.  For that alone, I am willing to bear the burden of 3 coats!  What about you?

xo Linda

This post featured a product that was kindly provided for my consideration.  Regardless, all opinions expressed here are my own honest, unbiased views.

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  1. Lily says:

    Ah too bad this doesn’t perform as well. I was going to say how glossy it looks, but that’s your top coat. LOL! BTW, LOVE that hair I saw on Instagram!!

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